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Tingzhou on the Silk Road-Tingzhou on the Silk Road-Historical and Cultural Relics
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Changji is a real influx of cultures. In Hutubi County, there is world known Kangjia Shimenzi Rock Carvings; in Jimsar County, there is quietly erecting Belting - the first important town on Silk Road.

Fertility Cult at Shimenzi

Kangjia Shimenzi Rock Carvings were works made by ancient residents "Sai Ren" who lived in northern Xinjiang and areas around Tianshan about 3,000 years ago. Taking the two techniques of bas-relief and intaglio, the rock pictures' main subjects are images of various human figures, who are lively, each having its own feature, smooth in lines and very vivid in sculpt; the females' faces are pretty graceful, some are smiling, some are pondering; while the males are kingly and straightforward, all have shown the quite matured carving skills in those years.

The spot of Kangjia Shimenzi fertility cult rock carvings is at hinterland of Tianshan south-west of Hutubi County, 75 km from the county town. The cliff with these rock carvings is a pretty big lentide of Kakaza conglomerate in top of Jurassic period,which is smooth. Figure images in various sizes and different configurations are fully carved on this cliff. The big ones are bigger than real persons, the small ones only have a length of 10 cm. some are male and some are female, standing or laying, with clothes or in nudity. Among them, many carvings of male are outstanding in expressing their generative organs, some are even with intercourse acts. Beneath are small figures arranged in order, clearly disposing the strong desire of wishing fertility and multiplication of population, which is the subject of these rock carvings.

Rock painting about phaliicism found in Shimenzi of Hutubi County

Hutubi Kangjia Shimenzi Rock Carvings are very important historical and cultural relics, which is the holy place for aboriginals in northern Xinjiang nearly 3,000 years ago where they were doing fertility cult activities, is the site for primitive religious activities which are sacred in their heart, is a valuable history of carving on rocks with talents and wisdom by the ancient Xinjiang residents, and is a lively exemplar of ancient fertility curt. These valuable ancient cultural relics have attracted broad attentions of all walks of life in China and abroad, which have significant scientific values in studies of the primitive society history, primitive thinking characteristics, primitive witchcraft and religions, primitive dances, primitive carving arts and Xinjiang ancient nationality history.

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