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Hui Nationality and Islamic Cultures
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-July-21 10:41:41

Present Changji is Hui Autonomous Prefecture, resided with a lot of Hui Muslims. In history, other ethnic minorities cannot compete with Hui Nationality who are the quickest and the most profound in learning Han's cultures; in return, Han people cannot compete with Hui Muslims in accepting foreign advanced cultures, especially Arab - Islamic cultures. In Yuan Dynasty, Arabian chronometer, arithmetic, cannon making,architecture, medicine, and advanced cultures in other scientific aspects were transferred into China through Hui's introductions, and were accepted by Han Nationality. In Ming Dynasty, the navigator Zheng He of Hui Nationality "travelled to the western ocean seven times"; this pioneering spirit has been rarely seen in Chinese history or in the world history. The outstanding thinker Li Zhi of Hui, with his independent and pioneering thoughts, became a thinking pioneer in the early anti-feudal enlightenment movement in China. Just because of the influence of foreign new thoughts, pioneers of Hui Nationality appeared in modern times in learning western military knowledge, the famous weapon manufacturer Ding Gongchen is the representative.

Besides the tradition of dealing with merchandise and trading activities, Hui people have the good habits of paying high attention to hygiene, which is due to the advancement of Muslim medicine in middle ages. There are three aspects of contributions to Chinese medicine made by Muslims: the import of Arabian crude drugs and prescriptions, introduction and compiling and the medical practices made by Muslim doctors from past to the present.

In Hui's families, there are usually "small calendars" got from the mosque; as Han's belief is called big belief, Han's calendar is called "big calendar", correspondingly, what Hui people use is called "small calendar". "Calendar" is also called Hui Calendar or Hui Hui Calendar. Actually they all mean Islamic calendar,which is also called Xijilai Calendar. Islamic calendar calculates years and months according to the movement of the moon,and takes the year when Islam made the migration as the era.Islamic calendar is universally used by all Muslims in the world,the entrance and exit of the month of fast, close or break fast,Lesser Bairam, Corban Festival and Maulid al-Nabi are all calculated according to Islamic calendar.

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