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Urumqi,the Beautiful City in the Heart of Asian Continent(2)
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II The City of Economy and Trade;A Place Where the Economy and Culture of the East and West Meet

Xinjiang was called the "West Regions" in the ancient times.Urumqi was a strategic town on the new north route of the ancient Silk Road has been an important center of commerce and trade since the ancient times.

Today, Urumqi is the most important industrial base of Xinjiang and also one of the important industrial bases of the five provinces in the northwest part of China. Urumqi is an important gateway for China opening further westward as well as an important window for the communications of foreign economy and culture. There are one class-one port and five class-two ports in the city. These ports are connected directly to the ports of the countries bordering Xinjiang, especially the five countries in Central Asia. The bilateral economy and trade between these countries and Xinjiang are very complimentary.Urumqi has established an opening-up-to-the-outside-world pattern that is all round and of multiple layers and broad field. Now Urumqi has become a modern international city of commerce.

Xinjiang borders eight countries including Russia and Kazakhstan. In recent years, the economic growth rate of the Central Asian countries has been around 7%, which is a good level. The economy between China and the Central Asian aountries are very complimentary.Since the 1990s, China has become one of the biggest trade partners of the countries in Central Asia. Urumqi is situated at the heart of the new land bridge running across the Eurasia from Lianyungang in the east to Amsterdam in the west, which has made the city an important hub connecting the west part of China closely to Central Asia and Europe. Two national development zones have played a leading role in Urumqi's opening up to the outside word The import and export at the five class-two ports are very active, especially the trade with the countries in Central Asia. The areas of cooperation have changed gradually from the pure trade to the cooperation in high-tech industries like minerals, petroleum and natural gas, agriculture and animal husbandry processing and bio-pharmacy. The Central Asian economic circle is being formed rapidly.

The opening ceremony of Urumqi Trade Fair
The Urumqi Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Fair,Urumqi Trade Fair for short, is hosted by the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Since 1992, Urumqi Trade Fair has been held every year from September 1st to 7th for 8 days and to this year it's the 17th. Urumqi Trade Fair has become an integral part of the all directional foreign economic activities in China. Like the Guangzhou Fair (in Guangzhou of south China), Shanghai Fair (in Shanghai of east China) and Harbin Fair (in Harbin of northeast China), it is an influential international event.

The Urumqi Trade Fair is an economic and trade event as well as an attraction for tourists. The opening and closing ceremonies and seminars of each Urumqi Trade Fair are held at the Great Hall of the People in Xinjiang. The venue for business talk and exhibitions is selected at the Xinjiang Expo Center.During the Trade Fair, the streets of Urumqi are colorfully decorated.Flags flutter and the city is bustling with people.The Urumqi Trade Fair happens to be held in the tourist season of Xinjiang. During the golden autumn, the pleasant smell of fruit is spreading everywhere. The visitors from afar may take some time off the Fair and do some sightseeing along the ancient Silk Road for the unique natural scenery and ethnic customs.

The most attractive spot of interest in Urumqi is the international Grand Bazaar, which is honored as the "Window of the World". It is an iconic architecture and covers an area of 100,000 square meters. It is 9,000 square meters larger than the Istanbul Grand Bazaar and the largest bazaar in the world."BaZaar" means market in the Uygur language. The Urumqi International Grand Bazaar is a comprehensive market the combines shopping, entertainment and catering. The dominant color of the wall of the bazaar is yellow and the building is a perfect mix of profound Islamic culture and Uygur architectural style.It is also a good representation of the sense of times of modern architecture as well as the traditional beauty of ancient Islamic architecture and has revived the commercial prosperity of the ancient Silk Road.

International Grand Bazaar
The 80 meter high cylinder-shaped sightseeing tower is erected in the middle of the square. At the very top of the tower, you have the entire beautiful view of Urumqi come into view.

Urumqi,the Beautiful City in the Heart of Asian Continent(1)--The Beautiful City in the Heart of Asian Continent with the Farthest Distance to the Ocean

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