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Urumqi,the Beautiful City in the Heart of Asian Continent(4)-Historical Relics
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IV Historical Relics

Urumqi is the political and economic center of Xinjiang. There are row up row of modern buildings and the traffic in the streets are very busy. However, you can still find many historical relics and feel the brilliant Western Regions civilization created byall the ethnic groups together.

The ancient city of Ulabo is located by the Ulabo reservoir in the southern suburb of Urumqi. It is a place you will pass for sure on the way to Turpan and southern Xinjiang and thus of strategic and geographical importance.It is the oldest and best preserved ancient city Urumqi has ever found. The city has over 1,000 year old history. Some scholars think that it was the ancient city of Luntai in the Zhiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty. The ancient city of Ulabo was 550 meters long from south to north, 450 meters wide from east to west. The walls of the ancient city are well preserved.The walls were 4 meter high and constructed with rammed earth. At the four corners of the city, there are relics of turrets. Each side of the walls had quite a few Mamian (literally horse face, a protruding part of the walls and looks like the side of a horse head). In the middle of the city wall was the barbican entrance to the city. In the ancient city, three rammed earth wails dMded the city into three small sub-cities, i,e, the northeastern sub-city, the northwestern sub-city and the southern sub-city. Sometimes the small sub-cities had barbicans and turrets too. In the southern sub-city, there are relics of a platform of rammed earth. It was probably the foundation of an important architecture. In the city, there are many bones of horse and sheep and pottery shards scattered around.Archaeological finds include two-ears urn, grey pottery pot,ancient coins, and etc.

In 1983, several ancient tombs were in the south slope of the Ulabo reservoir, which is two kilometers away from the relics of the ancient city. Most of these tombs are sarcophagus tombs and pottery and bronze ware were unearthed. The findings have made the history of Urumqi area date back to the times of the Warring States period (475 BC - 221BC).

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