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Five Ports to Eight Countries, Silk Road Connecting Eurasia
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Kashgar has a long history with 2,100 years recorded by words, which is called "the living fossils of history of Xinjiang, and it has made great contributions to exchanges of civilizations between east and west.

Kashgar, at China's west frontier, is China's western gate.It is situated at the south-west of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with an area of 162,000 square kilometers, with oasis little as only 27,400 square kilometers. It has Kashgar City and the following counties: Shufu County, Shule County,Bachu County, Jiashi County, Yopurga County, Yengisar County, Makit County, Shache County, Zepu County, Yecheng County and Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County. Among the total population of.3.50 million, Uygur occupies 90%, Han has 8% and other nationalities occupy 2%, clearly an area with Uygur as the main minority.

From of old, Kashgar has been an important military port,connecting central Asia, western Asia and south Asia, bordering five countries of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and India,with a front line of 888.5 There are five first-class open passes of Khunjerab, Turugart, Irkeshtam, Karasu and Kashgar International Airport and Xinyifa, a second class pass,the advantages of "five ports to eight countries and Silk Road connecting Eurasia". Along the opening of the southern territory railway of Korla - Kashgar in 1999, the opening of Kashgar Airport in 2004 and the opening-up navigation from Kashgar to Islamabad of Pakistan, Kashgar has ended the history of long closure and has stepped up into an international grand pass for China to central Asia, west Asia and Europe; like a bridgehead opening to the outside in China's west, it has an outstanding strategic position.

Kashgar Airport

Kashgar area is situated in central Asia's hinterland,belonging' to warm temperate zone's continental dry climate,with clear distinction of four seasons, long hour of sunshine,dry in climate with few rain falls. It's hot in summer, strong in sunshine, pretty big temperature difference between day and night with a short period of hot summer. There is no freezing cold in winter with a long period of low temperature.

Kashgar is very potential in developing various resources.It is one of the main agricultural regions in Xinjiang, unique in conditions of light, heat, water and soil with abundant sunshine,a non-frost period of 220 days and an annual effectively collective temperature of 4,200 degrees centigrade, big temperature difference between day and night, very suitable for growing of grains, cotton, melon, fruits and other economic crops. With a vast land and complex terrain, it is a rich area in mineral resources of more than 30 kinds of minerals such as gold, copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, vanadium, titanium, crystal and mica.


New look of the ancient city Kashgar

Mount Muztaghata

Very rich in tourism resources, Kashgar has ancient humanistic sceneries and unique natural sceneries reflecting each other with their beauties. Besides the three famous ancient tombs of Xiangfei Tomb, the Tomb of Yusuf Has Hacib and Mahmud Kashgari Tomb, there are historical relics of word famous The Etigar Mosque, Banchao Memorial Park, Yarkand Khanate relics, Gaotai Folk Houses, City of Tang Dynasty King and Stone City, etc, offering a good place of looking for changes of western frontiers' history and cultures. Kashgar has multitudes of natural sceneries and virgin scenes such as the second highest peak Qogir Peak and "the father of Icebergs" Mount Muztaghata, as well as the poplar forests, together with desert, oasis, icebergs, snowy peaks and virgin forests.

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