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Urumqi,the Beautiful City in the Heart of Asian Continent(5)--A City of Multiple Religions
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The Buddhist events that the Qingquan Temple will host every year according to the Chinese lunar calendar are the Guanyin Festival on February 19, the Festival of Bathing the Buddha and Spreading Buddha Dharma on April 8, the blessing ceremony of Guanyin Seven Thousand Buddha on June 19, the ceremony of repaying a debt of gratitude on July 15, and etc.In the time of every ceremony, lots of Buddhist followers come.Now the Qingquan Temple has regular Buddhist services and attaches importance to the study of Buddhism. It holds a more and more important position in terms of external communication of the Buddhism circle in Xinjiang as well as the city of Urumqi in general.

The Mingde Road Church is the oldest and largest church in the Urumqi's history of Christianity. It was built in 1945 and has over 60 year history. The services of the church resumed in 1985 and the church was rebuilt in 1994. In December of the next year, the construction of the new church was complete.The church occupies an area of 2,400 square meters in total and can accommodate more than 2,000 believers to worship every week.

After more than 20 year development, the Christian Church has established 10 places of gathering. More churches have been built. One of the large ones is the Er'gong Church at the Beijing Road with about 1,000 believers. Another one is the Zhujian Road Church which has more than 500 believers.

In addition, Urumqi also has a catholic church in Tianshan District; Laojun Temple at Xishan, the largest Taoist architectural complex in the northwest region of China; and an Orthodox church, the St. Nicolai Church at the Xindong Street. Urumqi has provided worship venues of different religions for all the ethnic groups.

The South Grand Mosque in Urumqi

Urumqi,the Beautiful City in the Heart of Asian Continent(4)-Historical Relics

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