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V Drunken in "the Country of Fruits"
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-July-29 17:25:47

Kashgar has long been well known as "the country of fruits". You are sure to get drunken because of various fruits in Kashgar. From early summer to later autumn, you can taste such fresh and dried fruits as mulberry, apricot, muskmelon,watermelon, cherry, grape, fig, pomegranate, pear, apple,almond and pistachio nut.

Harvest Jiashi melons

Jiashi melon It got its name from its origin: the Jiashi County. Jiashi is bordered by the Takla Makan Desert, therefore enjoys unique and suitable weather conditions and natural environment, which grand Jiashi melon high sugar content,fragrance, sweetness, massy pulp, plenty juice unique favor and rich nutrition. Its pulp contains higher content of protein, fat,calcium, phosphorus and iron than its counterparts produced elsewhere. There are many different kinds of Jiashi melons, with each has its unique characteristics and mature period. Those late-maturing ones can be stored throughout winter and thus Suitable for long distance transportation. The heaviest Jiashi melon may weight 4 to 5 kilo grams.

Tempting pomegranates

Pomegranate Pomegranate is one of Kashgar's speciaties,delicious and wealthy in nutrition Pomegranate has a unique shape of round ball with thin skin in shinning purple red. Under the skin, there are seed grains look like pearl and agate, transparent,reddish white. Pomegranate juice appears to be light purple red and tastes sweet, very special. To be categorized by pulp,pomegranate has white and purple red seeds, by taste, sweet and sour, with the former for food and the latter for medicine.Named ds "Home of Pomegranate", Yecheng County and Shufu County are the most famous origins of pomegranate.

Fig Fig's hometown is Kashgar. It is a very sweet fruit in oval shape, with thin skin, soft, delicate and cream-yellow pulp. Its skin and pulp are difficult to separate. Fig's pulp is sweet because its sugar content is as high as 24%. It can help improve your digestion, disperse swellings and reduce cholesterol, thus is good for food and med cine. Fig can be eaten raw, or be made into jam and preserved fruit.Fig tree features large leaves, a smooth and clean stem, regular crowns and beautiful postures, therefore people like to plant it in their courtyards and gardens, or to make it into bonsai tree to beautify their interior environment.

Almond Almond is a rare specialty from Kashgar, which rich in fat, protein and various vitamins. It is of high medical value that it can be found in 60% percent of Uygur medicines. Almond is the rarest nut for Uygur; people usually serve guests with it or give it to friends as a gift. Almond patterns are embroidered on Uygur dresses or carved on buildings. There are over 40 kinds of almond trees in Kashgar, producing sweet and bitter nuts which are popular in domestic and overseas markets.

Plstachio Pistachio is a kind of rare nut tree in Kashgar.The fruit is in white, with a blush comes out from the cracked top. ItS nut is crispy, fragrant and wealthy in nutrition with high economic value.

Tasty and fragrant fruits in the harvest-season orchard of Kashgar

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