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Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps sets up militia emergency battalions
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-December-3 10:39:40

    In mid October, the Department of Military Affairs of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (PCC) decided to rely on the militia training bases in six major reclamation areas in Xinjiang to organize 20-plus key militia emergency battalions to carry out training all the year round in batches and extend their camping training time from 20 days in average to two months, in a bid to improve the rapid reaction capability of the militia emergency battalions in implementing cross-region diversified military tasks in organic.

  The militiamen of the Xinjiang PCC shoulders the important tasks of consolidating the frontier defense of northwest China and safeguarding the social stability of the border areas. In recent years, the Xinjiang PCC grouped and established 20-plus key militia emergency battalions in succession and equipped each battalion with 23 vehicles including the patrol vehicle, the communication vehicle, the lighting vehicle and cooking vehicle, so as to improve the rapid maneuver and self-support capabilities of the militiapersons under field conditions.

  The Xinjiang PCC has also established the joint logistics and joint training mechanism with the PLA frontier defense units and the armed police units and regularly organizes drills on such subjects as frontier defense control and counter actions against surprise attack at important targets.

  Since the beginning of this year, the key militia emergency battalions have set out for 10-plus times to participate in cross-region urgent, difficult and dangerous missions including snow disaster rescue, flood-fighting and emergency rescue in organic in succession and fulfilled these tasks with flying colors.

  By Zheng Wenfa and Wang Chuanfeng

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