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Companies in Toutunhe district made rapid progress in innovative ability
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2015-March-19 18:34:44

Urumqi city's Toutunhe district in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region will offer more support to help local companies build their brands and achieve a larger market share, according to a senior official of the district's economic development commission.

The district will also release favorable operating, income and land tax policies for and offer financial support for research and development.

Companies in the district, such as the Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute and Xinjiang Central Asia Food Research and Development Center have made substantial headway in improving innovation.

Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute produces approximately 40 machines under the brand name "Mushen". These include the automatic corn harvester and many other products which lead the way in China and are throughout the Central Asian region.

Zheng Changming, general manager of the institute, said the institute would strengthen its efforts to develop harvesting tools. "Our company acquired the Chishan Group headquarters and its products in Shandong province in 2014 and we are expected to produce more than 2,000 machines this year," Zheng added.

Xinjiang Central Asia Food Research and Development Center is a research-based, export-oriented food company.

The company's products have a market share of around 30 percent in Central Asian countries and will hit the Chinese market this year, said Zheng Fang, office director of the company. She announced that one of the products it has developed for Chinese consumers is the Xinkang-branded tomato slices, which are made of naturally ripened tomatoes.

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