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Urumqi development zone adds eight famous brand products
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2015-March-19 18:34:41

Eight products from seven companies in Toutunhe District, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, entered Xinjiang's list of famous-brand products in 2014. The list was issued by the Xinjiang brand-name strategy promotion committee.

To date, the district had 31 local products enter the famous-brand list. The new-comers included products from the district's Xinjiang Zhongya Food R&D Center and Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Research Institute.

The tasty and nutritious fresh spicy sauce made by Zhongya Food won the honor thanks to its efforts in adding purebred lactic acid bacteria to the formula and reducing nitrate content.

Staff of Xinjiang Zhongya Food R&D Center introduces the fresh spicy sauce. [Photo/uetd.gov.cn]

Machinery Research Institute, an agricultural machinery producer located in Toutunhe district, has also had its products enter the list. It now produces more than 40 types of products, including self-propelled corn combine.

"Having local famous brands will help the company publicize its name and raise market shares," said Jin Fan, chief engineer at the institute. The institute will continue to improve product quality and serve farmers, Jin added.

Xinjiang region's government has worked hard on promoting brand products and in 2011, released brand products management methods and launched incentives to support companies who develop famous brands. To date, more than 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) has been given to famous-brand products companies.

Workers in Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Research Institute assemble a harvester whose brand name is "Mushen". [Photo/uetd.gov.cn]

So far, there are 286 famous brands in Xinjiang, including 31 from the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (UETD) in Toutunhe district, which accounts for 11 percent of all brands.

The district's products that entered region’s famous products list in 2013 included Xinjiang Gold Wind's megawatt wind generating set and Xinjiang New Energy Steelwork's draught fan tower.

A machine produced by Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Research Institute. [Photo/uetd.gov.cn]

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