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·China to reward herders for protecting grasslands12:46:28 10/12/2010
·Tianshan Mountains embrace snow cover12:46:28 10/12/2010
·Cold front brings snow to NW China's Xinjiang10:11:25 10/12/2010
·More XJ Tourists Visit XJ Pavilion09:56:37 09/30/2010
·Toursim Promotion Introduces XJ11:22:53 09/29/2010
·Booming Tourism In SEP.10:44:01 09/28/2010
·XJ Week Kicks Off10:17:32 09/27/2010
·XJ's Charm In XJ Week Activity10:17:26 09/27/2010
·XJ Pavilion Shows Charm Of XJ10:05:01 09/26/2010
·XJ Week To Open11:32:48 09/25/2010
·Measures To Meet Tourist Peak 11:06:15 09/19/2010
·Tianshan's Crown Exploring the land of glaciers and snow leopards13:47:19 09/06/2010
·Int'l Tourism Festival Opens10:11:56 08/26/2010
·XJ Elements At Travel Fair10:25:50 08/20/2010
·Endangered red deers released in Xinjiang09:27:05 08/19/2010
·Tourism in Kashgar may help create job opportunities09:26:53 08/19/2010
·The 1st Kashgar International Tourism Festival opens12:13:21 08/18/2010
·Counterpart support work promotes tourism in Xinjiang12:13:32 08/18/2010
·Kashgar Celebrates Culture Tour10:10:44 08/18/2010
·Tourism market booms in Xinjiang09:30:11 08/17/2010

·Forage harvest in Altay, Xinjiang16:11:13 08/16/2010
·The 11th Fuhai Tourism Festival kicks off16:09:48 08/16/2010
·More Tourists To XJ10:21:42 08/13/2010
·Tourist train added along Urumqi-Yining railway11:39:22 08/12/2010
·Turpan grape festival news briefing15:25:46 08/10/2010
·Turpan grape festival news briefing to be held in Beijing15:25:34 08/10/2010
·Tourists surge into Ili Prefecture15:25:30 08/10/2010
·Tourism peak comes to Taklimakan Desert10:00:19 08/06/2010
·Tourism Booms In XJ12:11:51 08/04/2010
·Outdoor sports enthusiasts surge in Urumqi09:05:46 08/03/2010
·Shihezi Military Cultivation Cultural and Travel Festival kicks off09:05:35 08/03/2010
·Tourists visit Lop Nur People Village, NE Tarim basin in China's Xinjiang09:31:55 07/23/2010
·All mainland tourists can visit Taiwan09:50:05 07/20/2010
·Tourists surge into Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar15:31:38 07/19/2010
·Toursim peak at Turpan13:25:36 07/16/2010
·The Grand Bazaar attracted over 2000 tourists on July 1318:02:41 07/15/2010
·The Forth Jianggar Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Xinjiang11:46:51 07/14/2010
·Int'l Stone Expo held in Hami City, China's Xinjiang11:46:47 07/14/2010
·Travel agencies sure tourists will be back to Xinjiang09:16:24 07/06/2010
·Tourism peak to approach Xinjiang09:16:24 07/06/2010

·Enjoy the summer holiday09:12:58 07/06/2010
·The ever largest 1.7 million RMB to praise excellent travel agencies in Xinjiang09:12:58 07/06/2010
·Kanas Nature Reserve invests more to develop tourism09:35:27 06/21/2010
·Seeking new development, Turpan looks to go green12:55:35 06/18/2010
·Kuqa County, Xinjiang to hold Tourism and Food Festival12:55:31 06/18/2010
·China begins maintenance of ancient tomb, mosque in "silk road" town12:55:28 06/18/2010
·Outbound Tour Reservation Booms in Xinjiang12:37:32 06/18/2010
·Projects aiming to build a green Xinjiang16:02:04 06/12/2010
·Tourism Income To Reach 70B Yuan09:35:05 06/10/2010
·Kuqa County, Xinjiang to hold Tourism and Food Festival13:11:50 05/31/2010
·XJ Pavlion Received 40,000 Tourists16:23:22 05/05/2010
·Tourism Promotion11:28:40 02/11/2010
·Seeking new development, Turpan looks to go green11:57:40 12/17/2009
·Kuqa County, Xinjiang to hold Tourism and Food Festival11:57:40 12/17/2009
·Xinjiang has rich tourist resources and a great potential11:57:40 11/30/2009
·Kashgar: Tourism hit but confidence remains11:57:40 11/23/2009
·Kashgar: Tourism hit but confidence remains11:57:40 11/23/2009
·Tourism festival held10:26:03 06/27/2009
·5th China Xinjiang International Tourism Festival opens in Changji10:28:53 06/26/2009
·20 elderly Europeans tour Xinjiang on three wheels17:44:03 06/11/2009

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