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Hemu Village, a mysterious and beautiful land
Located within the Kanas Lake scenic area in the north of Xinjiang, Hemu, one of the six most beautiful villages in China, is a rather primitive village. Here, visitors can enjoy the snow mountain, icy lake, grassland and primitive Tuwa minority village whom lived there thousand years.

Camel bell-ringing in Kumtag Desert

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Manas Int'l Tourism Festival held in Akto, Xinjiang

CITM 2011 Concludes
The 4-day China Int'l Travel Mart 2011 closed in Kunming of Yunnan Province on Sunday. XJ delegation signed over 150 contracts, valuing at 140 million Yuan.
Xinjiang sets eyes on exceptional tourism
China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is known for its diversified landscapes; its beautiful prairies, the Gobi desert, lush forests and snow-capped mountains. However, besides embracing regular sightseeing tourists, the region has begun to draw in groups of travelers who come to test their physical limits in Xinjiang's natural environment.
   Classical Routes
Hetian (Hotan) Travel Guide
located at the northern foot of the Karakorgan Range and on the southern fringe of the Taxkorgan Desert with an elevation of 1,372 meters.
Korla Travel Guide
with thousands years history, Korla is a throat in the middle of the Silk Road in history; it was set up as a county early in 1940, a prefecture in 1954, merged into the Bayin'guoleng Mongolia Autonomous prefecture in 1960, being approved to be as a city on October 1979.
Kumul (Hami) Travel Guide
Kumul is located in the northern end of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, neighboring Gansu Province in the east, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the south. It shares a 587 kilometers (365 miles) boundary with Mongolia.
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Turpan Nightlife
Everyday after sunset the temperature drops rapidly in Turpan but the nightlife heats up as people gather together in bars, discos, cinemas and clubs to relax.
Turpan Travel Tips

Turpan Weather
Turpan weather is well-known for its high temperatures and the city is called 'Huo Zhou' (a place as hot as fire).

Pamir-Cradled by the skies(1)

Pamir-Cradled by the skies(2)

Pamir-Cradled by the skies(3)
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