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·A journey to the west and over Flaming Mountain09:26:33 09/02/2011
·Xinjiang Kaleidoscope-Nalati Prairie09:26:28 09/02/2011
·Xinjiang kaleidoscope-all the rivers and lakes10:52:19 08/25/2011
·Xinjiang kaleidoscope-all the rivers and lakes10:52:19 08/25/2011
·Xinjiang park lets tourist experience ethnic customs11:26:45 08/24/2011
·Golden sea of cole flowers on Zhaosu Grassland10:03:56 07/18/2011
·Tourists enjoy cool summer in Xinjiang's Ulunggur Lake10:03:48 07/18/2011
·China's largest lavender planting base braces harvest peak10:44:36 07/06/2011
·Lavender season in Ili, Xinjiang11:16:47 06/27/2011
·7th Xinjiang Int'l Tourism Festival held in Karamay11:16:08 06/27/2011
·Tourists visit Flaming Mountain in Xinjiang12:30:02 06/24/2011
·Xinjiang workers go east for opportunities12:30:07 06/24/2011
·Amazing Yili River Valley in Xinjiang12:13:10 06/22/2011
·Herdsmen take livestock to high pastures in Xinjiang10:41:55 06/17/2011
·Primeval Xinjiang10:02:10 06/15/2011
·Driving herds to Altay Mountains09:57:13 06/15/2011
·Tulips in Wujiaqu10:04:07 05/04/2011
·Yadan Spectacle17:54:50 04/27/2011
·Silk Road17:40:48 04/27/2011
·Xinjiang Regional Museum17:20:23 04/26/2011

·Heavenly Lake (Tian Chi)16:20:36 04/26/2011
·Desert Botanical Garden16:19:36 04/21/2011
·Sand Therapy Health Center16:19:26 04/21/2011
·Southern Pastures (West White Poplar Gully)15:35:51 04/21/2011
·Red Hill (Hong Shan)15:28:20 04/21/2011
·Desert tourism festival held in Xinjiang10:43:48 03/28/2011
·Five amazing volcanoes in China10:32:53 02/28/2011
·Winter scenery of Shuimogou Park in Urumqi11:31:49 02/10/2011
·The top eight forgotten attractions in China12:25:20 01/21/2011
·All about Winter in Kanas Lake11:03:51 01/19/2011
·Kanasi: Like an autumn poem11:07:25 12/10/2010
·'Nature is the artwork of God'17:10:49 12/08/2010
·Altay City in Xinjiang: destination for winter traveling11:44:56 12/02/2010
·Fifth Ice and Snow Tourism Expo kicks off in Xinjiang15:36:47 11/29/2010
·Where to catch colors of autumn10:13:02 11/10/2010
·Sayram Lake: Swan paradise in silver world11:08:16 11/09/2010
·Extreme travel in China11:19:30 11/03/2010
·Fruit Valley17:18:07 11/02/2010
·Pamirs blanketed with snows17:49:42 10/28/2010
·Enchanting view of Karakol Lake12:17:19 10/27/2010

·A glance at Kashi10:38:54 10/26/2010
·Herdsmen hold goat grabbing competition in NW China17:50:08 10/25/2010
·Traditional way of grilling fish attract tourists10:32:02 10/25/2010
·Traditional way of grilling fish attract tourists10:52:34 10/24/2010
·Picking fruits in harvest season15:50:07 09/26/2010
·Picturesque Autumn scenery of Fuyun County in Xinjiang10:01:42 09/25/2010
·Autumn scenery of Kanas National Geopark10:01:24 09/25/2010
·North, South, West and East, there is a way to spend the autumn10:16:03 09/21/2010
·Autumn harvest: pick your own grapes and pears10:29:49 09/20/2010
·21 places to make an economical journey17:45:03 09/17/2010
·Four poplar forests in China15:20:38 09/13/2010
·China Chefs Festival kicks off in Urumqi09:59:58 09/13/2010
·The 2nd populus diversifolia festival to be held in Yiwu County10:48:04 09/06/2010
·Catch colors of early autumn15:15:59 08/30/2010
·Turpan Celebrates Its Grape Festival10:46:11 08/27/2010
·Int'l Tourism Festival Opens10:11:56 08/26/2010
·Bazaar--a must-go shopping centre16:55:43 08/25/2010
·Irtysh River: China's only east-to-west river16:51:35 08/20/2010
·The 1st Peyziwat Muskmelon Festival held in Xinjiang10:53:54 08/19/2010
·Xinjiang sees growing tourist arrivals10:53:32 08/17/2010

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