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·Join nationality festivals in Western China10:20:23 08/13/2010
·Recap of the Whole Trip in Xinjiang12:50:07 08/11/2010
·Heavenly Lake braces for tourism peak11:36:32 08/10/2010
·Refreshing Tour in Kanasi16:44:08 08/05/2010
·Arxian Hot Springs18:52:01 08/04/2010
·Altun Range18:51:53 08/04/2010
·Whale Lake18:51:57 08/04/2010
·Ten Scenic Sports on Cheshi Ancient Road18:40:02 08/04/2010
·Crocssing through Thousand-year old Cheshi Ancient Road18:40:06 08/04/2010
·Advertures in Bogda Mountain18:40:10 08/04/2010
·City of Demons in Qitai18:39:54 08/04/2010
·Beiting Flower Gorge18:39:58 08/04/2010
·Mystery of Stone Balls at Beuta Mountain18:31:46 08/04/2010
·Warrior's Gobi Dinsour Gorge18:31:50 08/04/2010
·Asian's Largest Siticified Woods18:31:54 08/04/2010
·Chigetai18:31:57 08/04/2010
·"Three Mazars" (Tombs)18:15:02 08/04/2010
·Meeting at Princess Castle18:15:06 08/04/2010
·Taxkorgan - the Stone Castle18:15:11 08/04/2010
·The Etigar Mosque18:15:16 08/04/2010

·Gaotai Folk Houses18:15:20 08/04/2010
·Xiangfei Tomb18:14:50 08/04/2010
·Yusuf Has Hacib Tomb18:14:54 08/04/2010
·Mahmud Kashgari Tomb18:14:58 08/04/2010
·Toksun Yardang Landscape18:08:41 08/04/2010
·Aiding Lake18:08:36 08/04/2010
·Populus diversifolia in Xinjiang16:21:12 08/01/2010
·Sugong Ta16:12:16 07/29/2010
·Famous Scenery in Urumqi,Xinjiang18:19:20 07/23/2010
·Intoxicating rape flowers in Dabancheng, Xinjiang18:18:46 07/22/2010
·Sayram Lake15:35:33 07/21/2010
·China's Places of Interest in Xinjiang--Karez(2)17:58:23 07/20/2010
·Spectacular pasture in Altay city13:25:54 07/16/2010
·Bai Haba village in Xinjiang08:59:01 07/15/2010
·Horm Village in Xinjiang08:58:34 07/15/2010
·Snapshots of the Swan Lake winding shore09:56:00 07/13/2010
·Snapshots of Gongnaisi Meadow Nature Reserve10:34:09 07/12/2010
·The Best senic places of Xinjiang in July09:16:24 07/06/2010
·Kalajun: Grassland in the air09:16:24 07/06/2010
·Bayanbulak Grassland15:43:37 07/05/2010

·Hot sand treatment lures tourists to Xinjiang10:20:07 07/01/2010
·The natural scenic spot of south mountain in Urumqi10:19:25 07/01/2010
·People's stone statues on the Nalati Grassland10:19:39 07/01/2010
·Road to paradise10:19:46 07/01/2010
·The beaten path to Xinjiang12:46:49 06/30/2010
·Night Scene of Urumqi International Bazaar09:39:28 06/30/2010
·Tianshan and Tianchi: Great mountain and lake in Xinjiang10:03:52 06/28/2010
·A fairyland--Sayram Lake10:11:47 06/25/2010
·Chinese cities along the silk road - Urumqi10:11:47 06/25/2010
·Karakuli Lake at the foot of Mirshitage Glacier17:59:36 06/17/2010
·Scenic spots of Bayang River15:59:54 06/13/2010
·Ancient tombs of Astana in Turpan15:38:04 06/12/2010
·Desert Botanical Garden in Xinjiang15:38:08 06/12/2010
·Memories of the city10:51:55 06/11/2010
·Intoxicating beauty of Xinjiang's Sayram Lake10:12:51 06/09/2010
·The beaten path to Xinjiang11:40:53 06/08/2010
·Snapshots of Aydingkol Lake12:02:51 06/07/2010
·View of Wucaiwan in NW China's Xinjiang12:26:02 05/31/2010
·Muztag Peak, the Father of Glaciers16:23:48 05/26/2010
·The Stone City on the Silk Road16:23:48 05/26/2010

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