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·Manas Int'l Tourism Festival held in Akto, Xinjiang17:00:56 07/02/2012
·CITM 2011 Concludes11:05:52 11/01/2011
·Xinjiang sets eyes on exceptional tourism12:54:36 10/28/2011
·Xinjiang to hold Int'l Reed Catkins Festival12:37:44 10/18/2011
·Booming Tourism In Holiday11:42:21 10/09/2011
·Challenging the Taklamakan Desert at Xinjiang's Exceptional Tourism Festival12:01:10 09/23/2011
·Booming Autumn Tour In XJ15:52:11 09/19/2011
·2011 Taklimakan Rally End10:00:04 09/15/2011
·Tourism Booms At Mid-Autumn Fest.09:49:30 09/14/2011
·XJ Sees Tourism Peak During Expo11:38:00 08/23/2011
·XJ's Tourism Income Increases 35%10:10:28 08/15/2011
·Travel Essentials10:44:44 08/11/2011
·Xinjiang to build regional botanic garden10:08:48 07/14/2011
·XJ Tourism Embraces New Opportunity10:12:52 07/07/2011
·XJ Pavilion At Heavenly Lake10:12:40 07/07/2011
·Couple finds greener pastures in town09:42:57 07/04/2011
·Agreement On Environmental Protection10:29:54 06/29/2011
·7th Xinjiang Int'l Tourism Festival kicks off in Karamay11:16:41 06/28/2011
·7th Xinjiang Int'l Tourism Festival kicks off in Karamay11:16:41 06/28/2011
·Karamay Impresses Tourists11:09:11 06/28/2011

·Assistance To XJ On Enviroment Protection11:09:18 06/28/2011
·Karamay Impresses Tourists11:09:11 06/28/2011
·7th XJ Int'l Tourism Fest Opens11:16:32 06/27/2011
·External Environment For XJ's Devt09:59:25 06/24/2011
·Competitive Products Boost Tourism09:51:52 06/21/2011
·Changji Develops Tourism10:11:03 06/16/2011
·Changji Develops Tourism10:11:03 06/16/2011
·Xinjiang tourism recovers from 2009 riots15:08:13 05/27/2011
·CONF. On Tourism Devt10:00:19 05/26/2011
·Tourism Booms At Special Economic Devt Zones10:00:14 05/26/2011
·Excursion trains come to Xinjiang earlier than previous years10:35:34 05/23/2011
·First National Tourism Day10:18:37 05/20/2011
·Tourist Reception Capacity Upgraded10:24:55 05/12/2011
·Transport Promotes Tourism10:36:04 04/26/2011
·Citm 2011 Closes12:24:42 04/18/2011
·Xinjiang routes tap mineral, tourism potential10:11:41 04/15/2011
·Xinjiang routes tap mineral, tourism potential10:11:41 04/15/2011
·Meeting On Tourism & Translation10:00:14 04/07/2011
·Desert tourism festival held in Xinjiang10:43:48 03/28/2011
·China's Urumqi aims to attract 10 million tourists this year12:03:34 03/23/2011

·More Fund To Boost Tourism10:44:40 03/21/2011
·China patrols border river to enforce fishing ban11:16:29 02/24/2011
·1.2B Yuan To Promote Tourism10:37:11 02/23/2011
·Publisher invites tourists to uncover legendary Xinjiang mysteries11:24:06 01/17/2011
·Publisher invites tourists to uncover legendary Xinjiang mysteries11:35:22 01/11/2011
·Tour Train Starts From Kuitun11:04:53 12/27/2010
·Fifth Ice and Snow Tourism Expo Kicks off in Xinjiang10:33:31 11/30/2010
·Enjoy skiing in Urumqi, China's Xinjiang10:25:24 11/29/2010
·Wild animal numbers growing in Xinjiang nature reserve10:30:08 11/23/2010
·Strong cold air invaded Xinjiang10:30:14 11/23/2010
·Cold front to hit north China, bringing snow and falling temperatures15:49:22 11/19/2010
·Korban Fest. Celebrated16:07:27 11/18/2010
·Xinjiang: Annual visitor arrivals to hit 50 mln11:22:05 11/03/2010
·Xinjiang aims to attract 50 million tourists by 201516:42:50 10/28/2010
·Xinjiang aims high on tourism12:51:34 10/26/2010
·4.8M Tourists Visit XJ Pavilion12:45:23 10/26/2010
·Traditional way of grilling fish attract tourists10:52:34 10/24/2010
·Rural Life Tour Benefit Farmers11:11:40 10/18/2010
·Services For Taiwan Tour11:11:57 10/18/2010
·Scenic spot herdsmen asked to join tourism industry12:46:28 10/12/2010

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