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Through the Karakorum to K2
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2006-June-9 09:57:45

The huge natural barrier of the mighty Karakorum Mountains define not only the territorial boundaries of China and Pakistan but also the geo/climatic division of the sub-continent from the more arid lands of Central Asia. It's greatest peak and the world's second highest, K2 or Qogeli pierces the sky at an astounding 8611 meters. One of the most inaccessible regions on Earth, the saw-tooth peaks of its central range have allured both mountaineer and adventurer alike, among them such notables as Sir Francis Younghusband and Sir Eric Shipton.

Weaving through ancient Silk Road oases into the Karakorum heartland, we are led along high river valleys, through cathedral like gorges and across roaring rivers to the base camp area used for all scaling attempts of K2 from Chinese territory.

More of an expedition than a trek, this extended program is considered unparalleled in terms of raw challenge. Immersed in the staggering landscapes of the Karakorum, one is assured of the high altitude experience of a lifetime.

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