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Xinjiang, "Urumqi Tourism" Overview
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2006-June-26 12:29:18

 Urumqi in the Junggar Mongolian is "beautiful land" was conveyed. It is located in Tianshan Mountain grassland Strip, east Tianshan 4,000 peak -- mountain peak, away across the Tianshan Forest zone in the South, West, North immediately Junggar Basin, is the world ocean removed from the city.

Urumqi yet completed, is a beautiful pasture, Han Zheng here Xiyuduhu government began sending, 581-618 before a "market" activities. At 702, Tang troops stationed here Zheng, construction Castle, the Silk Road gradually into North Road must pass through. Qing at the court's, the Old City were destroyed as a consequence of the fighting. Qianlong 28 years (1763), recognized the construction of a Metro, named "Dihua". 1884 Xinjiang built delegate, Mr into capital. 1945 Kenichi, 1953 to Urumqi formerly. Now, Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is the region political, economic, and cultural center.

Urumqi, north-west and north-east border with the Changji Hui nationality Autonomous Prefecture, southern Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture with neighbouring Province, south-east of the junction with the Turpan region, the altitude 680~920 metres City area of 83 square kilometres, the total area of 12,000 square kilometres; District 1 over seven counties (days mountain, sand under Buck District, the new urban area, Shuimogou areas, Touzhunhequ, Nanshan District, Dongshan District, Urumqi County) inhabited by the Han, Uygur, Kazak nationality, ethnic Hui nationality, 43.

Urumqi municipal continental climate, and temperature difference between day and the annual average temperature 5.7 degrees, in less than 300 mm precipitation, the climate is dry. January average temperature 15 degrees, average July temperature of 24 degrees.

After the hard-building peoples, Urumqi have now is a modern industrial, national traditions and modern industrial business, Central Asian economies metropolis. It is in China's western development "aerial gateway", leading to more than 50 domestic and international route; China's Lianyungang with the Xinjiang, Central Asia and the Rotterdam new Eurasia Bridge opened up, Urumqi once again become the "New Silk Road" on the hub, takes an important role.

Urumqi is not only a hub of the new silk, or Xinjiang hub. Buses throughout urban and rural areas, leading to the sale of 9,426 areas, a Xinjiang highway network. Railway to the southern, northern and direct Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Zhengzhou, and other places. Airlines to fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the small plane could fly to Kashi, Autonomous Prefecture of medium and small cities.

Urumqi Urban original Urumqi River north-south, is Yinhe into drains, peace pipes replaced the original Urumqi River. The city has appeared, Yamalike Hill East-West confrontation. Transition is a famous tour, Nan Mountain scenic areas, Tianshan 1st glaciers, Hill places, people park, national news, Shaanxi mosque, Tatar mosques, Shuimogou, Ula parked city and regional museums.

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ZIP : 0991
Zip code : 830000
Divisions : days of mountain, sand under Buck District, the new urban area, Shuimogou areas, Touzhunhequ, Nanquan zone, Dongshan District, Urumqi County.

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