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10 most beautiful mountains in China
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1. Namjagbarwa Peak in Nyingchi, Tibet (南迦巴瓦峰).

Top 10 Most Beautiful Mountains in China

Namjagbarwa Peak, located in Nyingchi Region of Tibet Autonomous Region, is reputed to be Paradise in the Clouds. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Himalayas have been hailed as humankind's last land of mystery. The most mysterious thing is that at each end of the Himalayas two peaks stand on the mysterious tectonic knots: at the eastern end stands Namjagbarwa (7,782 meters), the world’s 15th highest peak, and at the western end Nanga Parbat (8,125 meters), the world's ninth highest peak. They not only attach the magnificent length of the Himalayan chain to the southern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but also fix the Eurasian plate to the Indian plate.

In face of the Indian Ocean, it reflects an obvious vertical landform. In its valley is tropical rain forest and above the snow line, it is a snow world. Namjagbarwa has existed for over 700 million years, with a great abundance of mountain eco-systems, mountain vegetation forms and bio-communities compressed in one tight area. The first piece of land in the Himalayan region to emerge from the sea, it deserves its title of Number One among the Eastern Himalayan Mountains.

In Tibetan, Namjagbarwa means a "long lance piercing into the sky." The sky-scraping Namjagbarwa Peak, with its majestic appearance, precipitous shape and unpredictable climate, has been an ambitious aim of mountain-climbing organizations from various countries, and was only conquered recently by a Sino-Japanese climbing team in 1992.

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