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Urumqi,the Beautiful City in the Heart of Asian Continent(3)
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Famous Scenery

Urumqi has beautiful landscape. In the Tianshan Mountains,snow-capped peaks,mountain forests and grassland are vertically distributed. Tourist industry is well-developed in Urumqi and many resources are available for sightseeing and exploration. The art, cultures and customs of various ethnic groups constitute a unique human landscape with distinctive ethnic characteristics.

People usually call Urumqi a frontier city. Actually, Urumqi is geographically located in the center of Asian continent and it is the capital city of the center of Asia.

Parachuting at Asian Geographical Center  

The Asian Geographical Center refers to the point of balanced position in the Asian continent. It is furthest away from the coastline of the continent and has the most distinctive continental characteristics. The Xinjiang Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences spent two years doing field research and measurement. They assured that the point is at latitude 43°40' 37" and longitude 87°19'52". It is at the Baojia Caozi Village of Yongfeng Township, Urumqi County and is 30 km away from the downtown of Urumqi City. The scenic spot is represented by the tower of the Asian Geographical Center. The tower is made of four square pillars and each side of it is in A shape, signifying Asia. This iconic Asian Center tower is 18 meters high and on the top of the tower is a ball made of stainless steel and with diameter of 2.5 meters. The ball represents the earth. The orthocenter is pointing to the heart of Asian continent, signifying the exact place of Asian Center. The base of the tower is two layer and made of granite. The top layer is 1.5 meter high and 20 meters in diameter. The bottom layer is 60 meters in diameter and surrounded with white marble balustrade. In addition, there are also some annexes, for example, the grid structured 20 meter high main gate with pattern of eagle spreading its wings; the Asian Center Square reflecting the ancient Chinese concept of "the heaven is round and the earth is square"; and the totem sculptures made of stone, wood or fiberglass, which are the perfect representation of the various cultures of Asian countries.

Asian Geographical Center

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