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Ten Scenic Sports on Cheshi Ancient Road
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This is the relics of an ancient town before entering into the mountain going along the ancient road from Jimsar County, it is situated on the slope 500 meters north of Dalongkou of Quanzijie Town. The relics are in rectangle, with an area of about 5,000 square meters, fallen wails have remained, and some are as high as three meters. The west rampart is close to Dalonggou, which has an altitude difference

of 50 meters from the bottom of the ditch, along the sides of which there are steep cliffs with dangerous terrain. The east of the relics is a flat road, with wild grass growing on the slope. Standing here, you may see Belting old city in the distance. The remaining bricks, stones and pottery pieces here are similar with those found in Belting old city, so is the rampart's structure. According to scholars' study, this is just Shule Town where Eastern Han Warrior Geng Gong fought and defended. The relics have been listed as the county level relics in protection.

Magical Mountain Spring Between Toudaoqiao and Erdaoqiao, there is a clear spring on the rocks which is flowing all the time, it is called "magic spring" by the locals. This spring keeps the temperature of 20 degrees centigrade in four seasons, with various kinds of minerals which are healthy for human bodies, making the stomach comfortable after drinking, and skin diseases can be heeled after bathing. Every passenger comes to it will drink some "magic water". There are even people with skin diseases come here from hundreds of kilometers away to bath with the spring, and they will be cured after several times of bathing.

Rock and tree in one body From below Erdaoqiao, Dalonggou becomes gradually wider in its river valley. There are straight and high poplars on the river beaches, where is scattered with big and small rocks rolling down from up the mountain. Trees have many branches while stones vary in shapes, the two hug together in areas where old poplar trees are like umbrellas; stones, trees, flowers and grass present each own beauty, together forming a gigantic natural landscape. Close to the slope, there is a lofty old poplar with a diameter of more than 1 meter, a height of more than 20 meters blocking with its own body a big boulder slid down years ago, because of long time's press, the boulder has stuck deeply into the trunk, which again encloses the boulder and integrates each other into a marriage, forming an amazing view.

Beauty of Sandaoqiao Sandaoqiao is the spot with the most beautiful scenery in northern Tianshan, where is 1,920 meters above sea level, dominated by spruce. Along the two banks, there are gently slopes and vast forest pastures, one and another Kazak yurts are dotting on slopes, cows, sheep and horses are leisurely grazing, simple and honest Kazak herders warmly invite you to drink in their yurts ... here is full of poetic and picturesque affection, just like a painting of mountainous pastures. In the south of Sandaoqiao, there are relics of inns for the past Cheshi Ancient Road, the grand wall foundation of the old inn speaks out the then prosperous scenes when the guest were checking in and checking out.

Secret Caves on the Cliff In the mountains close to Sandaoqiao, there are deep and vast forests. Between steep cliffs, there are two rock caves with one deep and the other shallow, with traces of human living. There is no way from the food of the mountain to the caves, which can only be reached by climbing up dangerous rocks and bushes, with the most dangerous grade of 80 degrees. Why did the then human beings live in such dangerous place? Could the sequestered cave help them escape from fierce beasts, or just because they wanted to escape from armies or mobsters' chasing? This mystery answer has gone forever with the human who once lived here!

San Zhang Waterfall Dalonggou belongs to gorge river valley, with its width gradually shrinking narrower from the downriver to the upriver, amongst, the gorge of about 200 meters wide from Sidaoqiao to Liudaoqiao is typical, presenting a sense of beauty with waves crashing the dingle. Dalonggou is of cobbles - mountainous valley with giant cobbles, with crystal water in the gorge. Between Wudaoqiao and Liudaoqiao, there is a waterfall of three zhang (10 meters) on the riverbed, with current rushing down, which is called "San Zhang Waterfall". With a 6 meter width of water curtain, it looks very picturesque.

Shimen Lofty Gate Between Wudaoqiao and Liudaoqiao, there is a section with dangerous rocks which is the famous 'Shimenzi" on Cheshi Ancient Road. It is a natural lane of more than 40 meters in length and 1 meter in width, with walls of steep peaks on its two sides touching the sky. Due to long-time reading by human and horses, the ground surface of the stone ane is uneven and has been polished as smooth as mirrors.This is really a location that "one man's guarding can fence against thousands' attacking".

Old Castle above the Natural Trench Not far from Shimenzi, there is Liudaoqiao with an astonishing natural trench.A sky bridge with a fall of more than 20 meters is suspending over the river valley's current, a giant stone bamboo is erect at one end of the bridge, with 6 meters in its base and 10 meters in height. Under the bridge, there is fast running current, with ghost-looking rocks interlocking on two sides, ever green pines grow on cliffs, spruces offer wide shades, and sound of waves shock the heaven. There is another kind of view at the top of the mountain: bare tops of mountains with trees and birds rarely seen. An old stone castle is lonely standing atop, with an area of about 100 square meters; the erecting stone walls are more than 4 meter high and the wooden piles in plum shape form a circular fence. Standing at the stone castle and looking down to the north, Dalongkou is in the distance, which is also facing with Beiting old city. It is hard to have a textual research on the history of the old castle. Perhaps it was used as a dak to guard the smooth running of the ancient road as it is situated in such a dangerous and vital location.

Grassland Stone Figures On the vast grassland and in the valleys in Xinjiang, ancestors left many stone human figures which were carved with local stones, generally in the shape of big heads and short bodies in uneven proportion, most of them are rough with lines, with varying face characteristics. Some masterpieces with lively sculpt, and vivid and detailed lines can be found. On the west slope close to Wudaoqiao on Cheshi Ancient Road, there is a stone man who has simple and clear appearance with thick beard. Its body has a diameter of about 7 meters, with a height of about 10 meters, standing facing the north. Archeologists think that, the grassland stone figures have so profound culture meaning with complicated times and ethnic nationality relations that they are not only the products in one time by one nationality. The earliest can be traced back in Scythian culture origins about 3,000 years from today, while most of stone figures can be determined as the cultural relics of Turks in Sui and Tang Dynasty, which are marks in front of Turks tombs, as not far from them, there will be tombs scattered.

Shiyaozi GorgeShiyaozi is at a spot 12 km from south of Qiong Daban. Entering into Shiyaozi Gorge, you will find that the stone ladder road of 40 meter long zigzags between gaps of cliffs, with a width of only 1 meter. Along its two sides, there are lofty walls of cliffs; some are like bamboos, while others are like poles, with only a narrow gap atop to show the sky.Deep trenches and gorges can be seen from the rock gap. The gigantic stone cover resembling a mushroom suspending atop of the stone pole seems to fall down in any moment, which makes you palpitate with terror.

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