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Arxian Hot Springs
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-August-4 18:52:01

Arxian Hot Springs borders Zangdeng Wulu Mountains to the north, Aiken Daban to the east, Hucong Naoerzeng Daban to the south and Zhake Baierke Valley to the west, 2,604 m above sea level. The Gongsi Village Government is 28 km away,with shortcuts heading for the scenic spot. Arxian valley is 30km in length and 60 meters in width. At the middle of it locatesa group of 12 hot springs, 25 km away from the opening of the valley. Surface water goes down into crannies between crustal plates then overflows from underground after being heated at the earth's core.

Arxian means "sacred water" in Mongolian. Arxian Hot Springs enjoy a vast distribution, lots of mouths, high temperatures and sweet taste. It is famous in Xinjiang for its remarkable medical and curative effects due to various kinds of minerals and microelements contained in the water. Amounts of minerals, gases and radio-elements dissolved in the water during flowing vary according to the length of the course and the depths of the crannies. As defined by the National Standard for Categorizing Medical Mineral Springs, water from 12 Arxian hot springs has its salinity lower than 1mg/liter, thus can be sorted as fresh mineral water. Except that water temperatures at Ketun Caidu, Tuolage and Aolaigen springs are lower than 25C, those from all other 9 springs are between 43C -70C.In addition, different contents of radioelement radon can be found in these springs, so they have multi-functional medical effects including removing toxin, healing arthropathy, help improving muscles and bones, decreasing body temperature,etc. In particular, mineral water for Caisong Arxian Spring canbe drunk as mineral water, which helps you improve your health and awake from over-drinking. Arxian Hot Springs witnesses people coming for having a bath and medical treatment in an endless stream.

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