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Altun Range
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Altun Nature Reserve is located in Ruoqiang County's territory, at the middle section of Altun Range, where Xinjiang borders Tibet. 4,000 m above sea level, this protection zone is one of the largest alpine natural reservations in China with an area of 45,000 sq. km. There living in the zone many endangered rare alpine animals. Among them, there are big hoofed animals, including wild yak, Tibetan antelope and Equus kiang; also a good many of birds living together at various alpine lakes, in a number not less than that at Qinghai Lake.Natural sceneries are very beautiful in the reservation. There are deserts with the highest altitude in the world, the Aqike Lake, an alpine inland non-frozen lake,Xinjiang Peak,regarded as "alpine Guilin",and Muzi Tage Peak with densely distributed glaciers.

Wild camels in the Altun Mountain Nature Reserve

The Sand Spring and the Sand River in the Altun Mountain Nature Reserve

Tibetan wild donkeys in the Altun Mountain Nature Reserve

The giant Altun Mountain range

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