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Four beauties of Xinjiang's lakes
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Diao Chan --- Tianchi Lake

The scenery of Tianchi Lake is compared to Diao Chan, luxurious and bright.

Tianchi Lake (Heavenly Lake) is located at the waist of Bogda Peak, which is at the center of Tianshan Mountain. It is about 40 kilometers east of Fukang county and 110 kilometers east of Urumqi. Heavenly Lake gives the impression of dignity, elegance and beauty. The lake is crystal clear as it has heavenly blue water, the mountains surrounding the lake blend with pines and marvelous flowers.

According to the legend, the Heavenly Empress would hold a gala by this lake whenever a local peach tree bore fruit. As this only happened about once every 3,000 years, the banquets were understandably grand affairs. All the mortals would gather for such a long-awaited occasion, making the lake area into something of a Little Heaven, hence the name, Heavenly Lake.

Diao Chan: She was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. She was said to have been born in 161 or 169 or 176 AD. However, unlike the other three beauties, she is not mentioned in any historical sources and may possibly be a fictional character.

Diao Chan appears in the classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a plot involving the warrior Lǚ Bu and the warlord Dong Zhuo. In the novel, Diao Chan assisted the official Wang Yun in a plot to persuade the warrior Lǚ Bu to kill his adopted father, the tyrannical warlord Dong Zhuo. Wang presented her to Dong Zhuo as a concubine but at the same time, Wang also betrothed her to Lǚ Bu. Diaochan used her beauty to turn Dong Zhuo and Lǚ Bu against each other by inciting jealousy between them.

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