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Best destinations in autumn
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Kanasi of Xinjiang Province

Kanasi Integrated Natural Landscape Protected Region lies in the Buerjin County, covering an area of 5000 square kilometers. Because of the area's protected status, Kanasi boasts an abundant and colorful variety of plants and animals. No matter what the weather brings, the scenery is always bewitching. Kanasi is best visited in the autumn, when the turning landscape showcases Kanasi's charming beauty.

Zhalantun of Inner Mongolia

Zhalantun City boasts plenty of natural scenery. The landscape possesses both tremendous magnificence like Greater Khingan Mountains and quiet, elegant beauty such as Jiangnan watery town. The varied scenery makes Zhanlantun a favorite place for adventure. The Great Wall extension of the Jin Dynasty has witnessed the proud aging of Zhanlantun, having been the ancient battlefield site of the Mongol conqueror, Great Genghis Khan.

Mulanweichang of Hebei Province

Mulanweichang is located in north of Chengde City in North China's Hebei Province. The city is also known as Saihanba National Forest Park and was once the autumn hunting place of the Qing emperor.


The north and west of Saihanba National Forest Park is surrounded as far as the eye can see by vast grasslands. The neigh of horses and the whistles of shepherds occasionally break the tranquil silence of the grasslands.


The forest parks are divided into two parts, Bashang and Baxia. Bashang is steep, while Baxia is rolling and gentle. Visitors can appreciate several different topographies, such as hills, plateau and mountains, in the same park.


To the east of forest park is the source of the Yin River and to the west of it is the source of the Tuligen River. River channels crisscross the park and contribute to the beautiful scenery all year round.

Shangri-la of Yunan Province

Shangri-la, which means "heaven in the heart" in the Tibetan language, was once described as an ancient and mysterious land by James Hulton in his novel "Lost Horizon". While isolated and often overlooked, adventurers who find Shangri-la on the Digao Plateau can explore the undisturbed landscape and ancient traditions. Shangri-la offers travelers towering, snowy mountains, vast grasslands, and deep valleys. This mysterious land has been calling for visitors to unveil her.

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