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Urumqi Nightlife
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-April-21 16:18:23

Wuyi Night Market
May 1 Night Market, Urumqi
For many people their day begins at nightfall. You will see Urumqi street crowds making the most of their night lives. Places where people go for pleasure in their leisure have multiplied in this remote and inland city. In the shadow of brisk night market and gallant plaza, a lot of interesting restaurants, cafes, open-air bars and clubs have sprung catering to the needs and entertainment of people from all walks of life.

Go to May the First Night Market (Wuyi Yeshi) for the local food. It is the most popular gourmet downtown street. Food stalls in this street are well stocked with everything from kebabs to soup. People meet their families or friends here for relaxation as well as sampling the delicacies. The night market opens from 8:00pm to 1:00am daily.

Ethnic Singing and Dancing Show
Uygur Singing and Dancing Show
You can go to the Entertainment Square of the International grand Bazaar in the evening to catch the Ethnic Singing and Dancing Show. There are two choices open for you. You may either see it in the open air or in the Banquet hall. The open-air option does not cost you money, but you had better be there well before the show starts at 6:00pm to find yourself a spot. The Banquet hall option charges you about 168 Yuan for dinner (buffet) and show.

Bars, a long establishment of the modern city, do reflect the unique regional culture. Most Urumqi bars are in the city center. In the prosperous Jiefang Nan Lu, you come across dozens of pubs, internet cafes, bowling clubs, tea and coffee bars, and so on.

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