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First National Tourism Day
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-May-20 10:18:37

Thursday is the first National Tourism Day and the theme is read a lot and make trip further. The scenic spots across Xinjiang have been increasing investment in infrastructure improvement to promote tourism development.

After the road in Kanas and Baihaba village was completed last year, t he ring road of the scenic spot has come to an end.

This year, Kanas plans to arrange 300 million Yuan to improve tourism facilities. On the tourism day, the scenic spot exempted tickets for teachers, students, servicemen and senior citizens aged over 65.

This year, nearly 10 million Yuan investment has been poured to infrastructure construction of Keketuohai National Geopark.


"Scenery here is very gorgeous and the air is fresh. I like Keketuohai very much. I will come again in other seasons."

The village of Luobu People in Yuli County of Bayangol Prefecture also promoted half price ticket. Here the vast desert, beautiful scenery of Tarim River, diversiform-leaved poplar and unique folklore attracted many visitors.


"We will introduce Xinjiang to our children and friends, and convince them to come to Xinjiang."

Bosten Lake scenic spot also invested over 10 million yuan and newly added fishing park and motorboat. And they were put into use on the day, attracting many visitors.


"I feel cool. It's amazing to see such a freshwater lake in gobi desert, very beautiful."
In 2010, XJ totally received 30 million domestic tourists, generating an income of 28 billion yuan, respectively rise by 43 percent and 58 percent year on year.

This year, XJ will prioritize four big tourism events, including international tourism festival, diversiform-leaved poplar photography festival, special tourism festival as well as ice and snow tourism festival. It will go on strengthening the infrastructure construction in scenic spots, develop more quality scenic areas, and increase the number of 5A scenic spots, so as to attract more tourists from home and abroad.

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