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Changji Develops Tourism
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-June-16 10:11:03

Changji Prefecture has beautiful natural sceneries, such as Heavenly Lake, Jiangbulak Scenic Spot and Mingsha Mountain. Besides, there are also a lot of historical cultural relics and intangible cultural heritages. The local place taps the connotations of history and culture to vitalize tourism.

Movie Little White Poplar just starts shooting in Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot. Although the content of the film has no relation with the scenic spot, the director of this   movie from Inner Mongolia Film Studio chose the place.


"I think Fukang has unique cultural and historial connotations. The natural scenery here has great changes, and the mountains have different colors."

Every year, millions of tourists come to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Heavenly Lake, the State 5 A scenic spot.


"Particularly interested in the story about that the queen, she dropped another pin down to calm issues, this sort of stories over fascinated me."

Up to now, Heavenly Lake has received over 210,000 tourists this year, 49 percent rise year on year. This year, Fukang City starts the construction of Heavenly Lake cultural industrial park, and decides to move the whole XJ Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo Park to Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot.

Now, the cultural-oriented tourism have sprung up in Changji Prefecture. Its Jimsar County tries to develop tourism by building up Beiting Ancient City Relics Park and recovering the historical relics. Changji City does its best to develop the snack street of Hui Nationality. In addition, the business and tourism street in Qitai becomes the new tourism highlight by tapping history and culture.

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