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Agreement On Environmental Protection
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-June-29 10:29:54

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and XJ signed an agreement on further promoting XJ's environmental protection work.

As agreed, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will support XJ in pollution control, emission reduction and environmental assessment and other 4 aspects. A cooperative  mechanism will be established, and joint meetings will be held regularly to solve the big environmental protection issues that XJ meets in socio-economic development.

Zhang Chunxian, secretary of CPC XJ Committee and Zhou Shengxian, minister of the Environmental Protection made speeches.

Zhang Chunxian offered letters of appointment  to 15 experts on environment protection in the following ceremony of establishment of XJ expert committee on environmental protection.

He hopes these experts can exert their advantages and make contributions to XJ's healthy and rapid development by enhancing XJ's eco-environment protection requirements.

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