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Booming Autumn Tour In XJ
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-September-19 15:52:11

Xinjiang met its tourism peak in July and Aug.. In autumn, the tourism is still hot in XJ. Besides the China-Eurasia Expo tour and 19 provinces and municipalities' tourism assistance to XJ, the self-driving tour, family tour, special tour and all kinds of tourism festivals all boost the tourism in Xinjiang.

Kanas Scenic Spot has the most beautiful scenery in Sep.. Now, the 11th China XJ Kanas Autumn Photo Festival attracts many photographers and amateurs from home and abroad.
Kanas Autumn Photo Festival started in 2001. It attracts lots of photographers every year, and photos taken by these photographers greatly promote the tourism brand of Kanas Scenic Spot.

These days, the tourist number at the village of Luobu People in Yuli County surpassed 1000 every day.


"The desert scenery is very impressive. We can't see such scenery in Shanghai. I feel good."

From this Jan.to Aug.,XJ tourism saw rapid development. The tourist number reached 26.82 million, with a tourism income of 29.8 billion yuan, respectively rose 27 percent and 29 percent year-on-year.

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