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Gateway to Xinjiang News

Tianshannet, an authorized gateway to Xinjiang news, covers all sorts of news and views, transmits authoritative information, focuses on current affairs and social events, and traces the trends of finance. News concerning Xinjiang,China,the world,economy, society, science & education, culture & sports, laws, and pictures are all available here. You can find out all of the latest Xinjiang news.


Windows to Xinjiang

We concern whatever you do. Tianshannet builds up an online guide to Xinjiang .The travel channel brings you everywhere around the Tianshan Mountains, and connects you with the information about transportation, food, weather and routs in Xinjiang. The contents of Xinjiang channel brings you close to the life, the customs, the culture, and the musics& dances of each ethnic group;Both of the Xinjiang encyclopedia and the Xinjiang yearbook are authorized printings. Namely everything about Xinjiang, can be easily obtained here with a click.


  A Window for Foreigners to Know about Xinjiang, and a Bridge from Xinjiang to the World

Tianshannet broadcasts on time big events in Xinjiang and China. It’s contents contain news reports, a survey of Xinjiang, information of enterprises, information of foreign trade, the Silk Road, cultures of local ethnic groups, religions, viewpoints of Xinjiang by foreigners, services and so on. Opened on May, 28, 2006, the English channel of Tianshannet is a window for foreigners to know about Xinjiang and a bridge from Xinjiang to the world.



     Tianshannet ( is a news media through network. It is established by the Publicity of the committee of  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the News Office of the Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.


     The only key news website of Xinjiang.Gatway website of Xinjiang news.


Fixed position:it is a Gateway website of Xinjiang mainly about news.


Opened on December 18,2001, the Tianshannet have five versions of four different languages: the simplified Chinese, the traditional Chinese, Russian, English and Uygur.


With the average number of 2.1 million clicks per day, the website ranks first among all the media websites in Xinjiang.


The 30 channels of the website, including those of news, government affairs, contents of Xinjiang,regions,the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, finance&economics ,culture, science& education,health,entertainments, laws & security, travel, commercial firms,post offices , women , sms ,online broadcasting , service,dining, pictures,topics,club, cover all the aspects  of your life, and offer 24-hour services to you.


This website has plentiful audio and visual resources, because the Real and the WIN-media formats are provided. The programs of Xinjiang scenery, online radio broadcasts, and customs & cultures of the ethnic groups have achieved the online global transmission.


The gathering and compilation of the website news, reliable technical personnel, and the network security can all be guaranteed, and they are all advanced in Xinjiang.


The business contents,including those of network online broadcastingbuilding up websites for enterprises、popularizing websites for clients、virtual machine 、domain name applyingshort message interacting .


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