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Rural Life Tour Benefit Farmers
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-October-18 11:11:40

Aiming to make the farmers and herdsmen have a good living condition and get more income, Shuixigou Town, Urumqi County carries out the new countryside construction in light of local conditions.

Fangjiazhuang village is close to Nanshan Mountain. Seeing the potential of rural life tour development, Urumqi County invested nearly 30 million RMB to reconstruct the village in 2003. Villagers gradually build up their own brands by developing rural life tour. Now villager Han Chenglong can earn over 200,000 RMB one year from the rural life tour.


"In the past, I can only earn over several thousand yuan in a year. But now I can earn over 100 thousand yuan, many times to that in the past."

Following the example of Fangjiazhuang Village, Shuixigou Town promotes the herdsmen resettlement project in whole town. 216 households residents in Miao'ergou village are all Kazak people. They have the advantage to develop the tour business with Kazak features.


" Behind me is the Miao'ergou village. It is the fifth village that reconstructed as a whole in the Town. Following the thought of resettlement to enrich herdsmen, the village will be the largest Kazak village that run tour business in whole XJ after herdsmen moved into new houses in November."

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