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Justification for Xinjiang Nut Cake -- A Bite of China 2: Call Me Marentang
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2014-May-5 14:54:57

(Xinjiangnet) – The third episode “The Season” of “A Bite of China 2” made its debut on the evening of May 2nd, in which the scene of Turpan grapes made many people unable to hide their greed and practically want to lick the screen before them. Both TV and internet audiences were deeply impressed by the complicated process of making Marentang, saying they were “greatly shocked by Xinjiang nut cake”.

“Simmered under 115℃ for 4 hours, grape juice will be condensed into syrup from 90 kg to 30.The walnut meat tastes fragrant, crisp and delicately sweet after it is baked and scorched outside. Mix the syrup and walnut meat thoroughly, and cut the finished Marentang into lumps while it’s still warm. Xinjiang nut cake --this is what people call the candy in other parts of China -- is not only the most ‘western’ dessert, but also an important source of calories for local people.” The alluring images set to incisive explanation vividly present the specific practice of nut cake, and moreover enable viewers to appreciate the unique cultural tradition with ethnical characteristics of Chinese nation through the aroma of delicious food. (Gu Shan, Intern Shao Shanshan reported)

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