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Forum on Exploration of Development of Aidelaisilk Industry Held in Urumqi
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2016-September-22 17:33:18

Tianshannet News (by reporter Pang Xuefang) 2016 "One Belt, One Road” Textile and Garment Industry Development Forum II -- Forum on Exploration of Development of Aidelaisilk Industry was held in Urumqi on the afternoon of September 21st.

The textile experts and scholars at home and abroad, famous fashion designers, representatives of relevant enterprises, Aidelaisilk research group, folk arts and crafts inheritors organized this Forum from the inheritance and innovation of Aidelaisilk culture, upgrading and transformation of Aidelaisilk Industry and other aspects to promote the international exchanges and cooperation in respect of Aidelaisilk.

According to the introduction by Yelena Millerbeck, a Uzbekistan Aidelaisilk designer, the textile and light industry is the strategic economy industry of Uzbekistan. While the country's Aidelaisilk tie-dyeing technology is basically the same with that of Xinjiang. She also loves Xinjiang’s Aidelaisilk very much, and hopes to seek cooperation opportunity through this Forum.

At the forum opened that day, a centralized signing ceremony on creative products of Aidelaisilk was also held.

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