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Dance drama Working In Village staged in China's Xinjiang
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2017-August-4 17:03:19

Scenes from Working In Village

Tianshannet(Zhang Xinjun reports)August 3, Working In Village, a dance drama performed by Tarim Song and Dance Troupe in Aksu region, has been staged in Xinjiang Art Theater. This dance drama is the only performance showed by artists from prefecture-level in Xinjiang in the 5th China Xinjiang International Ethnic Dance Festival.

The story of the drama was draw from real stories between cadres and ordinary villagers happened during the ‘Going-to-Grassroots Project’. By performing in the form of dance, it intend to show the audience with the enormous changes and developments in southern Xinjiang.

Working In Village has four different chapters, summon, responsibility, home and ‘thanksgiving’. 98% of performance are showed in the form of dance. A vivid image of cadres in village has being created among with scenes which shows his selfless character.

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