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·Xinjiang to build 9 new airports in 201712:32:00 01/17/2017
·Beauty of Xinjiang grand canyon in winter12:29:08 01/17/2017
·Amazing winter scenery of Xinjiang's Altay15:49:28 01/14/2017
·Xinjiang stunned Guangdong 129-109 in CBA 27th round15:44:16 01/14/2017
·Xi replies to daughter of Uygur patriot, stresses ethnic unity15:38:13 01/14/2017
·Xinjiang,a winter wonderland12:19:16 01/12/2017
·Urumqi Comprehensive Bonded Zone passes inspection11:08:58 01/12/2017
·Running from hot to cold11:04:48 01/12/2017
·My ice and snow marathon experience11:04:50 01/12/2017
·Border soldiers continue patrols in frigid weather in Xinjiang12:40:45 01/11/2017
·Horse breeding becomes pillar industry of Zhaosu in China's Xinjiang12:23:32 01/11/2017
·Int'l cargo route from Kyrgyz capital to China opens09:54:06 01/11/2017
·Race founder has grand ambitions09:51:13 01/11/2017
·Running from hot to cold09:51:15 01/11/2017
·Urumqi Comprehensive Bonded Zone passes inspection16:49:37 01/10/2017
·Xinjiang aims for 100,000 new textile jobs in 201716:47:11 01/10/2017
·Xinjiang to tighten border's security10:12:10 01/10/2017
·Four-horned sheep in Xinjiang17:44:48 01/09/2017
·Rarely seen birds in Xinjiang field17:38:59 01/09/2017
·Tianshannet reports NPC,CPPCC Xinjiang Committee in 2017 on all aspects11:12:36 01/09/2017

·5th Session of the 11th CPPCC Xinjiang Committee opens10:29:16 01/09/2017
·Gorgeous rime scenery in Haimi11:12:13 01/06/2017
·Urbanization brings uncertainty to pastoral lifestyle in remote Xinjiang10:49:51 01/06/2017
·Xinjiang to run 400 westbound cross-border trains in 201710:49:50 01/06/2017
·Explore 'sea of death' Lop Nur16:58:13 01/04/2017
·Splendid frost along Xinjiang's Tarim River13:02:47 01/04/2017
·In pics: ibexes in Altay, China's Xinjiang12:56:01 01/04/2017
·Xinjiang lost to Shenyang Army 80-7511:49:16 01/04/2017
·Hemu village in Xinjiang, a hidden heaven10:54:58 01/04/2017
·China's Belt and Road Initiative promotes connectivity, development along ancient route18:02:10 01/03/2017
·Ice sculptures light up Altay in Xinjiang17:52:12 01/03/2017
·Snow scenery seen in Urumqi, China's Xinjiang10:17:05 01/03/2017
·Xinjiang section of high-speed railway linking Urumqi, Xining15:16:04 12/31/2016
·Progress of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in 201617:21:59 12/30/2016
·Wei Deyou's 52-year life on the border in China's far west17:19:47 12/30/2016
·Rail breakthrough a dream come true17:18:59 12/30/2016
·China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to benefit Eurasia: Pakistani Foreign Secretary16:56:10 12/30/2016
·Beauty of Xinjiang on canvas16:54:12 12/30/2016
·Chinese Culture Talk debuts in Latvia13:02:44 12/30/2016
·Urumqi airport sees record number of travelers18:43:33 12/29/2016

·Kazak people hold goat grabbing event in Xinjiang12:42:05 12/27/2016
·New five-year plan brings hope to China's west11:53:56 12/27/2016
·In pics: Yadan landform in Hami City in NW China's Xinjiang17:42:27 12/25/2016
·Earthquakes threaten ancient rock art17:35:11 12/25/2016
·Remote Xinjiang county reached by regular flight17:15:42 12/25/2016
·244 passengers evacuated in Xinjiang blizzard17:06:51 12/25/2016
·Direct flight between Urumqi and Afghanistan reopens17:13:55 12/23/2016
·Picturesque Tianshan Mountain Range in Xinjiang18:01:54 12/22/2016
·Xinjiang-raised salmons capture domestic market15:52:32 12/22/2016
·Xinjiang discovers first paleolithic site13:26:51 12/21/2016
·5.8-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang: CENC13:22:27 12/21/2016
·Gigantic Uygur meat pancake served in Xinjiang17:38:19 12/20/2016
·China's cotton yield continues dropping in 201617:25:08 12/20/2016
·Remote Xinjiang county reached by regular flight17:08:21 12/20/2016
·Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Tianshannet17:09:01 12/19/2016
·Wolf man of the mountains with 150 wolves16:30:12 12/19/2016
·Xinjiang becomes playground for 30 million winter visitors12:14:06 12/19/2016
·Urumqi to build citywide free Wi-Fi network16:31:27 12/17/2016
·Xinjiang sees robust textile, garment exports16:31:26 12/17/2016
·Shanghai plane slips off taxiway at Urumqi10:39:41 12/14/2016

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