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·Xinjiang receives over 8 mln tourists during holiday11:03:57 10/10/2017
·Xinjiang raises over $600 mln for poverty-relief relocation11:48:33 10/08/2017
·Xinjiang to offer 15-year universal education by 202011:48:34 10/08/2017
·Xinjiang's cross-border e-commerce grows rapidly11:48:50 10/08/2017
·China Focus: Clapper talk, calligraphy changing bilingual education in Xinjiang12:31:06 10/06/2017
·ADB approves 150 mln USD loan to improve infrastructure in Xinjiang11:25:30 10/05/2017
·Urumqi takes fast track to export success11:57:30 09/29/2017
·Across China: Live the real life of Uygurs in a Xinjiang resort11:41:37 09/29/2017
·Feature: Champion jockey gets back on racetrack to promote horse industry in Xinjiang11:41:35 09/29/2017
·Urumqi jeweler showcases Hetian jade creations11:10:11 09/27/2017
·Women's startups bloom in Xinjiang11:14:32 09/25/2017
·Potato research institute established in Xinjiang11:14:33 09/25/2017
·Modern technology changing lives of Xinjiang farmers11:05:55 09/22/2017
·Urumqi opens new flight to Lhasa10:48:40 09/21/2017
·Cotton fields enter harvest season in China's Xinjiang10:37:05 09/21/2017
·On the move: Kazak herdsmen head to winter pastures15:11:31 09/19/2017
·Xinjiang's Turpan airport sees strong passenger, cargo growth18:41:02 09/18/2017
·Cotton harvest begins in Alaer, China's Xinjiang11:30:03 09/18/2017
·5.7-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang: CENC11:29:59 09/18/2017
·Xinjiang-featured products staged at intl cultural expo10:36:27 09/14/2017

·Top political advisor addresses ideological issues about Xinjiang10:36:29 09/14/2017
·Xinjiang to offer 15-yr universal education by 202011:35:00 09/13/2017
·Xinjiang woman turns sewing skills into business success11:34:59 09/13/2017
·Harvest scenery of wheat fields in Xinjiang11:38:29 09/12/2017
·China invests heavily in Xinjiang power grid11:19:28 09/11/2017
·Central Asian regions set up new cooperation institute10:36:30 09/11/2017
·Xinjiang to send 5,000 bilingual teachers to kindergartens each year10:28:05 09/11/2017
·China's B&R fund helps Afghan children with heart diseases18:54:37 09/08/2017
·Xinjiang sees tourism boom during annual Corban festival16:39:10 09/06/2017
·Quake victims settle into newly built homes10:55:16 09/01/2017
·JD.com to support Xinjiang's fresh foods industry17:55:39 08/30/2017
·Pearl of the Ancient Silk Road10:50:03 08/30/2017
·Tips in Urumqi10:49:56 08/30/2017
·Technology stressed in fighting terrorism in Xinjiang10:52:39 08/29/2017
·Scenery of Yardang landform in China's Xinjiang11:46:21 08/28/2017
·Railway to connect 75 pct Xinjiang counties by 202012:32:48 08/28/2017
·Xinjiang tackles teenage drug addiction in ongoing campaign13:19:07 08/25/2017
·Experts attend symposium in Xinjiang to examine historical settlement17:08:44 08/22/2017
·Archeologists identify caves in Jeminay on paleolithic site in Xinjiang18:12:28 08/21/2017
·China restores ecosystem along its longest inland river17:20:08 08/21/2017

·Mulberry trees planted to fight against desertification in China's Xinjiang11:59:23 08/21/2017
·Villagers dry tomatoes under the sun in China's Xinjiang12:11:40 08/21/2017
·4th China-Eurasia Security Expo opens in Xinjiang17:32:37 08/18/2017
·House reconstruction begins in quake-hit Xinjiang17:30:21 08/18/2017
·Turpan, a hot place for special industries18:20:43 08/16/2017
·Communication activity between Beijing and Hotan launched11:52:31 08/16/2017
·Etles silk production craft revived in China's Xinjiang10:58:59 08/15/2017
·Modern agricultural machinery farms success in Urumqi10:56:37 08/15/2017
·Young amateurs observe Perseid meteor shower in Xinjiang10:50:36 08/15/2017
·Farmers harvest Hami melons in NW China's Xinjiang18:56:59 08/14/2017
·Rescue work underway in quake-hit Jinghe, China's Xinjiang11:00:08 08/10/2017
·2017 ‘Love China· Learn Chinese’ red scarf summer camp about to begin17:12:06 08/09/2017
·6.6-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang: CENC15:30:25 08/09/2017
·Small casualties reported from Xinjiang 6.6-magnitude quake15:30:26 08/09/2017
·The captivating Chinese Hamlet: The Chinese Orphan impressed all audiences15:11:42 08/08/2017
·Xinjiang new energy vehicle development‘ready to roar’15:06:43 08/08/2017
·Herdsmen busy with cropping grass throughout Barkol grassland in Xinjiang16:21:42 08/07/2017
·All aboard: luxury to Xinjiang10:50:50 08/07/2017
·Big funds boost education in Xinjiang10:50:57 08/07/2017
·Dance drama Working In Village staged in China's Xinjiang17:03:19 08/04/2017

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