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·Apricot greatly boosts county's tourism19:03:49 03/22/2017
·Tianshan Grand Canyon in China's Xinjiang19:02:26 03/22/2017
·Pakistani bank establishes branch in Xinjiang10:39:21 03/21/2017
·Xinjiang to close 117 small coal mines in 201710:41:35 03/20/2017
·Xinjiang to run more transnational freight trains10:41:34 03/20/2017
·Winter sports begin Chinese 'spring'12:35:24 03/18/2017
·Xi calls for building "great wall of iron" for Xinjiang's stability15:02:12 03/11/2017
·Circus school helps young Xinjiang acrobats win gold10:37:14 03/16/2017
·Urumqi sees 200 freight train departures10:30:41 03/16/2017
·Xinjiang on brink of CBA Finals10:30:43 03/16/2017
·Xinjiang increases size of aviation fleet10:15:46 03/16/2017
·Rising Uygur deputy and her two sessions10:09:27 03/16/2017
·Karamay: a wildlife haven in winter10:53:45 03/15/2017
·Xinjiang to make record-high investments in transportation infrastructure10:40:03 03/15/2017
·Xi calls for building 'great wall of iron' for Xinjiang's stability18:06:00 03/11/2017
·Herdsmen transfer herds in Xinjiang17:44:48 03/11/2017
·Xi calls for building "great wall of iron" for Xinjiang's stability16:19:48 03/11/2017
·Ethnic language services at two sessions10:47:14 03/10/2017
·Flight training in Xinjiang11:08:03 03/09/2017
·Urumqi horse breeding park welcomes Akhal-Teke foal10:07:25 03/06/2017

·Xinjiang finishes first round of universal health checks10:04:35 03/06/2017
·Urumqi promotes electric vehicles to ease power overcapacity10:13:43 03/03/2017
·Tea culture in Kashgar, northwest China10:48:25 02/27/2017
·China Southern Airline serves Jilin cadres aiding Xinjiang17:12:16 02/26/2017
·Banking body prepares list of PPP projects in Xinjiang17:08:26 02/26/2017
·Faster train links Xinjiang to Kazakhstan17:08:25 02/26/2017
·Karamay's breathtaking winter views10:50:24 02/24/2017
·Dreamlike E'min River at sunset17:00:45 02/23/2017
·Xinjiang leader puts security to the test10:52:50 02/23/2017
·Urumqi witnesses heavy snowfall10:30:10 02/21/2017
·Cold front brings strong gales, temperature drops to north China10:35:05 02/20/2017
·Xinjiang sees growth in rural incomes10:11:51 02/17/2017
·Pakistan to export seafood to Xinjiang via land10:11:51 02/17/2017
·Scenery of Sayram Lake in China's Xinjiang10:37:59 02/16/2017
·Talent policy to help develop Urumqi10:28:05 02/16/2017
·Investment in Xinjiang textile industry booming10:45:39 02/15/2017
·Xinjiang's economy grows 7.6 pct in 201610:40:44 02/15/2017
·Xinjiang sees growth in rural incomes10:40:43 02/15/2017
·Picturesque winter scenery in Xinjiang10:43:20 02/10/2017
·Xinjiang gold output up in 201610:31:11 02/10/2017

·Xinjiang demands prompt report of natural disasters10:31:12 02/10/2017
·Zhou Qi ejected, Xinjiang hammers defending champion10:31:14 02/10/2017
·Xinjiang train tickets available again18:38:11 02/09/2017
·Urumqi hit by heavy snow and wind17:55:08 02/06/2017
·Xinjiang edge Shanghai in top of the table clash11:19:48 02/01/2017
·China to improve geological disaster prevention in Xinjiang11:19:50 02/01/2017
·Xinjiang edge Shanghai in top of the table clash10:40:04 01/25/2017
·Xinjiang wines to crow about10:33:33 01/24/2017
·Xinjiang to attract social capital for oil, gas exploration10:33:35 01/24/2017
·Regional governments impose stricter fireworks regulations ahead of lunar New Year10:33:36 01/24/2017
·Xinjiang to spur growth via heavy infrastructure investment09:46:24 01/22/2017
·Goat grabbing event in NW China's Xinjiang10:31:08 01/20/2017
·Chinese top political advisor makes inspection tour in Xinjiang12:52:21 01/19/2017
·Senior Chinese official stresses reform, stability in Xinjiang10:17:09 01/19/2017
·Xinjiang to spend heavily on new roads in 201717:22:37 01/18/2017
·Busy bazaar in Xinjiang10:19:44 01/18/2017
·Xinjiang to offer free bilingual pre-school education10:19:45 01/18/2017
·Xinjiang to invest huge amount for highway network10:06:53 01/18/2017
·Xinjiang to build 9 new airports in 201712:32:00 01/17/2017
·Beauty of Xinjiang grand canyon in winter12:29:08 01/17/2017

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