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·Wheat harvested in NW China's Xinjiang11:13:25 07/31/2017
·Acrobatic show staged in China's Xinjiang17:51:48 07/31/2017
·Air route launched between Xinjiang ’s Karamay and Bortala city16:58:21 07/31/2017
·2017 "Dancing dreams" cultural experience week rounded off11:21:09 07/31/2017
·World's top-class dancers performed "Swan Lake" in Xinjiang11:21:25 07/31/2017
·Xinjiang H1 foreign trade up 34 pct10:56:42 07/31/2017
·Stunning beauty of Sayram Lake in the mid-summer15:30:44 07/28/2017
·World's top-class dancers perform "Swan Lake" in Xinjiang12:52:39 07/28/2017
·"Dancing dreams" cultural experience week kicked off17:41:08 07/27/2017
·Xinjiang shuts down hundreds of wells to restore grassland11:05:39 07/27/2017
·Windy pass: Home of large areas of oasis in Xinjiang11:20:33 07/26/2017
·Ballet staged at China Xinjiang Int'l Folk Dancing Festival in Urumqi11:45:12 07/26/2017
·Intl folk dance festival kicks off in Urumqi11:50:38 07/26/2017
·Amazing scenery of Barkol grassland in China's Xinjiang17:18:12 07/25/2017
·Direct flight connects Xinjiang's Shache, Urumqi17:40:06 07/25/2017
·Feature: A coach passes on the football dream to youth in remote Xinjiang17:38:57 07/25/2017
·Xinjiang finds new medical approaches16:40:28 07/25/2017
·Beautiful scenery of Gaojiahu wetland park in NW China's Xinjiang11:56:38 07/25/2017
·High season of tourism falls in Barkol, NW China's Xinjiang12:04:59 07/25/2017
·Highlights of China Xinjiang Int'l Folk Dancing Festival in Urumqi11:31:21 07/25/2017

·Performances staged at 5th China Xinjiang Int'l Folk Dancing Festival in Urumqi11:27:17 07/25/2017
·Xinjiang uses birds to battle raging locusts11:07:28 07/25/2017
·Progress made in ecological protection of Xinjiang's Kulustay grassland16:28:23 07/24/2017
·Shanxi assists Xinjiang's development11:26:19 07/20/2017
·Xinjiang students accepted into inland vocational institutes11:26:20 07/20/2017
·Across China: Migrant melon farmers reap what they sow in Xinjiang17:03:12 07/18/2017
·New highway to promote better east-west connectivity17:03:15 07/18/2017
·China Focus: 20 years of transformation in Xinjiang under assistance program12:01:40 07/17/2017
·Xinjiang to close over 100 small collieries in 201711:54:37 07/17/2017
·China completes Beijing-Xinjiang desert freeway sections11:54:41 07/17/2017
·New road brings Xinjiang closer11:54:49 07/17/2017
·Textile park tackles poverty in Kashgar17:50:25 07/13/2017
·Xinjiang to build more hospitals for women, children16:41:11 07/12/2017
·From dirty to clean: a tale of Xinjiang drinking water16:41:10 07/12/2017
·Meet Gulpiya Jelili: The Xinjiang princess of aerial tightrope walking16:41:08 07/12/2017
·Senior Chinese official calls for prosperity, stability in Xinjiang16:41:13 07/12/2017
·An outsider brings railway success to Xinjiang16:41:06 07/12/2017
·Economic development in Xinjiang on fast lane16:23:18 07/12/2017
·China's Xinjiang cultural shows enchant Egyptian audience in Alexandria16:23:20 07/12/2017
·King of barbecue reveals secrets to his success-family, Han Chinese friends10:58:54 07/11/2017

·Intl Grand Bazaar heats up in Urumqi10:55:38 07/11/2017
·Internet popularity in Xinjiang higher than China's national average17:52:18 07/10/2017
·Direct air route to link Urumqi, Tehran17:30:07 07/07/2017
·Belt and Road exhibition on Xinjiang art opens in Bishkek11:39:22 07/06/2017
·Across China: Death won't do us apart: Han, Uygur together in life, death12:02:39 07/05/2017
·Over 13,000 students to attend 'Xinjiang classes'17:35:34 07/04/2017
·Millions of Chinese Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr10:52:54 06/28/2017
·Xinjiang starts excavation of ancient city16:14:53 06/22/2017
·10,000 teachers to be sent to Xinjiang, Tibet17:28:15 06/20/2017
·New airport planned in Xinjiang10:17:41 06/19/2017
·Altay's isolation from railway network comes to an end11:24:02 06/12/2017
·Xinjiang's first refrigerated container train leaves for Hangzhou10:47:25 06/12/2017
·New passenger train route connects China, Kazakhstan12:44:04 06/09/2017
·Xinjiang marches ahead with confidence10:38:03 06/08/2017
·First rails laid for Xinjiang's third link to outside10:18:24 06/07/2017
·Beijing-Xinjiang expressway to open to traffic15:45:04 06/05/2017
·Shaking off poverty in rural Xinjiang15:45:06 06/05/2017
·Rare wild horses travel thousand miles from Xinjiang for mating15:45:07 06/05/2017
·Workers start to lay tracks for new railway to Xinjiang15:45:08 06/05/2017
·Subsidies keep ancient music safe and sound16:18:11 06/02/2017

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