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·10,000 teachers to be sent to Xinjiang, Tibet17:28:15 06/20/2017
·New airport planned in Xinjiang10:17:41 06/19/2017
·Altay's isolation from railway network comes to an end11:24:02 06/12/2017
·Xinjiang's first refrigerated container train leaves for Hangzhou10:47:25 06/12/2017
·New passenger train route connects China, Kazakhstan12:44:04 06/09/2017
·Xinjiang marches ahead with confidence10:38:03 06/08/2017
·First rails laid for Xinjiang's third link to outside10:18:24 06/07/2017
·Beijing-Xinjiang expressway to open to traffic15:45:04 06/05/2017
·Shaking off poverty in rural Xinjiang15:45:06 06/05/2017
·Rare wild horses travel thousand miles from Xinjiang for mating15:45:07 06/05/2017
·Workers start to lay tracks for new railway to Xinjiang15:45:08 06/05/2017
·Subsidies keep ancient music safe and sound16:18:11 06/02/2017
·White paper hails 'great progress' of human rights protection in Xinjiang11:28:07 06/02/2017
·Freedom of religious belief protected in Xinjiang: white paper11:28:08 06/02/2017
·Life, property protected in Xinjiang: white paper11:28:09 06/02/2017
·Religious extremism penetration curbed lawfully in Xinjiang: white paper11:28:11 06/02/2017
·White paper says cultural heritage well protected in Xinjiang11:28:12 06/02/2017
·40 pct of Xinjiang civil servants from ethnic minorities: white paper11:28:13 06/02/2017
·White paper says freedom of expression protected in Xinjiang11:28:15 06/02/2017
·White paper hails environmental protection progress in Xinjiang11:28:16 06/02/2017

·White paper says incidence of poverty in Xinjiang no more than 10 pct11:28:17 06/02/2017
·Life expectancy soars as access to healthcare improves in Xinjiang11:28:19 06/02/2017
·White paper hails 'great progress' of human right protection in Xinjiang11:28:21 06/02/2017
·Urumqi to hold TV expo next week10:33:49 06/01/2017
·Xinjiang Alashankou port sees record cargo trains in 201610:33:47 06/01/2017
·Xinjiang to hold Sino-Russian documentary exhibition11:29:13 05/31/2017
·Xinjiang collector donates 10,000 antiques to museum11:29:11 05/31/2017
·Xinjiang exports liquid chemical to Europe via freight train10:45:17 05/27/2017
·Ethnic exchange thrives under Belt and Road initiative10:50:10 05/26/2017
·Artists bring prosperity of Silk Road to life10:50:08 05/26/2017
·Over 60 countries, regions to attend Eurasia expo in Xinjiang10:50:06 05/26/2017
·Across China: Tourism helps boost income for Uygur families12:50:34 05/24/2017
·Horgos transforms from backwater to boomtown11:50:36 05/23/2017
·Xinjiang foreign trade grows in first 4 months11:50:37 05/23/2017
·Int'l bus-rail-sea freight route begins operation in Xinjiang11:55:30 05/22/2017
·Xinjiang program preparing students for the future11:07:58 05/18/2017
·More foreigners seeking medical care in Xinjiang17:58:10 05/17/2017
·Urumqi prospers through Belt and Road12:11:48 05/17/2017
·Xinjiang e-commerce zone propels prosperity11:28:46 05/17/2017
·High winds strand 5,000 passengers at Xinjiang airport10:38:40 05/16/2017

·Horgos' trade attracting fortune-seekers15:24:14 05/15/2017
·High-end industries building up in Xinjiang12:08:51 05/15/2017
·Southwestern Xinjiang student reaches for the stars with new language under her belt11:11:02 05/12/2017
·Atlas silk: Ancient folk craftwork still a hit along New Silk Road19:08:02 05/11/2017
·China launches emergency response to Xinjiang quake19:08:03 05/11/2017
·Journalists focus on Silk Road Economic Belt in Xinjiang19:08:05 05/11/2017
·5.5-magnitude earthquake jolts Xinjiang: CENC11:14:49 05/11/2017
·Amazing scenery of Sayram Lake in NW China's Xinjiang12:29:48 05/09/2017
·Over 100 snow leopards living near Urumqi: wildlife watchers12:45:19 05/08/2017
·Injured snow leopard cub rescued in Xinjiang12:20:19 05/05/2017
·Xinjiang rural labor forces to receive skill training18:11:43 05/03/2017
·Scientists carry out "body check" for Glacier No.1 in Tianshan Mountains12:14:58 05/03/2017
·Xinjiang reports robust foreign trade growth in Q110:52:08 05/02/2017
·Xinjiang offers stable jobs for poor people12:46:26 04/30/2017
·Over 20,000 Xinjiang graduates return home17:50:14 04/27/2017
·The natural beauty of Xinjiang amazes people17:49:12 04/27/2017
·Film fest honors Xinjiang documentary13:13:50 04/26/2017
·Int'l Bazaar attracts tourists in Urumqi, NW China13:10:12 04/26/2017
·2 rare wild horses born in NW China, more expected15:58:26 04/25/2017
·Population of Xinjiang's endangered amphibian stops declining15:53:59 04/25/2017

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