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Aksu Administrative Area

  Aksu region is located in the west of Xinjiang, southern slope of the Mid-Tianshan Mountains and northern edge of the Tarim basin. Aksu city-the location of the administrative agency that is 995 kilometers away based on highway mileage from Urumqi and 1126 kilometers based on railway mileage. Under its administration are one city and eight counties, with a population of 2,050,000 (1,550,000 for ethnic minorities) the actual tilled land at the year-end will amount to 353,900 hectares (excluding the tilled land of Farm Division One, XJCPC), sown grain area of 177,100 hectares (re-sown are of 34,000 hectares). It belongs to warm-temperate continental arid climate.

  Aksu region has 1293 glaciers, with total area of 4,098 Sq. meters and water storage of some 2154 hundred million cubic meters, supplying water to small or big 16 rivers. The main water systems are the Aksu River, the Weigan River, the Tarim River, the Tailan River and the Kuqa River. The total area of the lakes is 6,815 hectares. The annual surface water run-off is 129 hundred million cubic meters, the comprehensive subsidized volume of the plain underground water is 72.81 hundred million cubic meters and exploitable amount is 51.21 cubic meters. The natural pastureland is 3,539,100 hectares, with available area of 3,335,400 hectares. The forest area is 581,900 hectares, with coverage rate of 4.4%. The wild medicinal plant number over 100, typified by Ephedra sinica, Bupleurum, Paeonia lactiflora pallas, Condonopsis pilosula, Angelica, Chinese yam, wolfberry, licorice, Lop hemp, Fritillaria thun-bergli Safflower and Saussurea involucrate. The species of wild animals number more than 300, represented by brown bear, snow leopard, red deer, white stork, white crane, black and white shoulder vulture, swan and snow cock. The proven mineral resources have numbered 55 and iron, manganese, copper, phosphors, coal, oil, natural gas, salt, granite and marble. There are 80 or more tourist attractions of which the Tomur Peak Nature Reserve in Wensu County is one at provincial level.