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Brilliant ethnic cultures in Xinjiang---the cultural protection and promotion for all ethnic groups has made impressive achievement

  May. 21, 2010 -- Xinjiang is home to 47 of China's ethnic groups, and each of them has their own unique culture. Particularly, Xinjiang song and dance have become the most beautiful and melodious card to bring Xinjiang to the world. These years, the cultural protection and promotion for all ethnic groups has made impressive achievement.

  Magat County is the hometown of Doran Muqam with thousands of years of history. Although Doran artists are brilliant on stage, they are usually farmers or village teachers off stage. Nowadays women are also allowed to learn and sing Doran Muqam that only allowed male inheritors in the past.

  This is the ethnic cultural performance center of the county, and it is invested with 800,000 yuan. The vocational secondary school of the county set up the Muqam specialty, senior Doran Muqam artists are often invited to give classes to students. Those little children who love Muqam but are not old enough to go to school can join the Muqam classes after school. Doran Muqam artists who are apprised as provincial folk artists can get 500 yuan of subsidy every month from the local government.

  Abdu Kerim, head of Magat County said, "Our county earmarks over 20 mln yuan to support the development of Muqam although we have a strained finance. There are over 500 senior Muqam artists in our county, and they have trained 387 inheritors."

  He Ying said, "In Xinjiang, folk culture develops continuously among the people. But we are considering how to popularize and pass on the folk culture in a professional way. Here in Urumqi People's theatre we have got the answer. A professional theatrical performance of the largest scale in nearly 10 years in Xinjiang has been putting on for about half a month."

  Since the performance started on May 5th, professional art and literature organizations in Xinjiang have given over 50 wonderful performances with strong ethnic features, such as Kazak, Mongol, Kirgiz and Hui ethnic groups.