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Dawaz and cultural relic preservation

  Dawaz is a kind of traditional Uyghur sport of walking on an aerial tightrope.It is an acrobatic performing art that dates back almost 1000 years among the Uygur people.For more than 1000 years,dawaz has been performed pretty much the same way,retaining the tradion.

  A dawaz show is usually performed in the air.The most striking moment is the tightrope walker showcasing acrobatic skills on the rope dozens of meters above the ground. Holding a pole of 6 meters for balance, the tightrope walker makes exciting motions with no safety device, such as walking back and forth on the rope, sitting, cross-legged, blindfolded or with plates under the feet and quick jumping etc.With the accompaniment of Uygur folk music, the tightrope walker sings and dances to the rhythm, rapidly alternating the challenging movements.

  "Dawaz" and cultural preservation are closely related. The protection and preservation of Xinjiang’s intangible cultural heritage has received attention for a long time. Xinjiang has always insisted on keeping tradional Uygur arts to its original forms, especially during the course of preservation projects. Traditional Xinjiang cultual arts led by "Dawaz" has always been used in the renovation and preservation for intangible cultural heritage.