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The colorful culture of Uyghur Hats

The embroidered Uyghur hats

When you come to Xinjiang you'll see these hats everywhere, usually worn by the Uyghur half of the population. Also known as a "dopa" these 4-angled hats - brightly colored and embroidered with beautiful beads - have come to be known by some as a symbol of the Uyghur people. Here you see a small shop in Kashgar showcasing the variety of sizes and colors of hats you can find to buy as a souvenir.

In festivals, if you come to Kashi, you will see a sea of hats. Hundreds and thousands of Uyghur, whether men in suit or women in Adilis shirts wear embroidered hats. On Sundays, if you go to Id Kah square or the east bazaar, you can see the same scene. Uyghurs love to wear embroidered hats and regard them as the most precious gifts for relatives and friends.

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