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Hotel Overview of Urumqi

  The silk road was opened by the emperor Wu Di during the Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago. Since then, camel caravans, merchants, envoys and missionaries have been traveling the route between East and West, seeking accommodation throughout Xinjiang.

  Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang is a thriving and modern city, connected to eight bordering countries. Trade in this frontier is increasing rapidly, and this is also becoming a popular tourist destination. As such, there are numerous hotels here of varying standard and cost. Some of these places have a 50% foreigners surcharge, but prices in many of the hotels are reasonable. Ctrip can help you book your hotel in Urumqi! Contact our Reservations Center for more information.

  The Hoi Tak Hotel is the only five star hotel in Urumqi. There are a few four star hotels here. Perhaps the best (and most popular) is the Holiday Inn, providing good service, pleasant rooms and an excellent buffet and coffee! The Hotel World Plaza is another good choice in this range, enjoying a great location. The price in these places ranges from RMB600 to RMB1200.

  In the middle price range (RMB300-RMB600), the Overseas Chinese Hotel and Xinjiang City Hotel provide good service and are centrally located. The Hongshan Hotel is a good place for budget travelers. This hotel provides clean guestrooms, and the Heavenly Lake bus stop is on the door step.