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Craftworks——Etles Satin

  The Etles satin is the most favored silk material for making tar yopka (a cylindrical skirt) by the Uygur women.

  The Etles satin, soft and vivid with bright contrasting colors, is made with only natural silk and ancient tie-dying skills, reflecting the cultural and geological characteristics of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The local people use it not only to make clothes, but also to decorate their rooms.

  The satin has two chief producing areas: one is Kashgar and Shache, and the other is Hotan and Lop. Satin produced by the former is noted for its bright and gorgeous color with contrasted hues and well-knit and exquisite designs. Satin produced by the latter is particular about the effect of black and white, and is varied, bold and flowing, and simple.