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Northern section of Xinjiang's first metro line to begin service

  More than 30 citizens jumped aboard for a ride down Urumqi’s Metro Line 1 on Mar 6. The northern section of Urumqi's Metro Line 1, the first Xinjiang-made metro line, will start its trial run in June. It will take less than half an hour to go from Balou Station to the International Airport Station. [Photo by Liu Xin/chinanews.com]

  More than 30 residents take a ride down Urumqi'sMetro Line 1. They are awed by Urumqi's development in transportation. [Photo by Liu Xin/chinanews.com]

  Urumqi's Metro Line 1 started construction on Mar 20, 2014, and is scheduled to begin operationsby the end of 2018. [Photo by Liu Xin/chinanews.com]