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Ukraine aims to earn up to 65 mln USD from "small privatization" project in 2018

  KIEV, June 12 (Xinhua) -- The State Property Fund of Ukraine is targeting to earn between 57 million U.S. dollars and 65 million dollars from the privatization of small facilities in 2018, Vitalii Trubarov, acting head of the fund, said on Facebook on Tuesday.

  Currently, the government plans to privatize more than 700 facilities under the "small privatization" list and the list could be expanded, Trubarov said.

  The privatization, which will start later this month, will be carried out through the online platform ProZorro, he said.

  In March, the Ukrainian government has approved a list of about 576 small facilities, which could be sold to private investors this year. Last month, the list was expanded to 716 objects.

  The facilities include the government-owned assets and municipal enterprises and the property of these enterprises, including completed and unfinished buildings, equipment, and social and cultural objects.

  Under its "big privatization" list, the Ukrainian government plans to sell 22 large enterprises in 2018.

  This year, Ukraine has adopted new legislation on the privatization of state property, aimed at attracting more investors.

  The legislation provides an opportunity for investors to sign contracts with the Ukrainian government and to settle disputes with it in accordance to international law.