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Mexico City celebrates "Beijing Cultural and Creative Week"

  MEXICO CITY, June 13 (Xinhua) -- Mexico City is showcasing a range of Chinese traditional and contemporary arts as part of the "Beijing Cultural and Creative Week," which continues through Saturday at venues around the city.

  "China and Beijing have a millenary cultural heritage, but at the same time a modern one that has increasingly drawn the residents of Mexico City," said Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, general coordinator of international affairs of Mexico City, at the inauguration on Tuesday evening.

  Moreover, these types of events highlight "the importance and depth of the ties of cooperation that exist with Beijing," Cardenas said.

  Residents in the Mexican capital will get the chance to enjoy Chinese porcelain, calligraphy, embroidery, paper cuttings and the work of modern-day furniture and clothes designers, as well as attend folk music concerts and dances.

  Deputy Mayor of Beijing Wang Ning, who attended the inauguration, said that the art show aims to introduce Mexicans to contemporary China and how it is influenced by the nation's ancient cultural roots.

  At the Museum of Mexico City, the exhibition "Our Life, Our Design: Experimental Exhibition of Chinese Design, Culture and Lifestyle" features works by the renowned Jamy Yang, described by Forbes as one of China's most influential designers, and architect Lv Pinjing, a professor and dean of the School of Architecture of China's Central Academy of Fine Arts.

  Artifacts in the exhibition include red, black and gold tiles made in the old workshops of Jingdezhen in southeastern China during the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD), famed as the "porcelain capital" due to its manufacturing history.

  The Beijing Bamboo Orchestra, which played at the inauguration, will also offer concerts.

  There will be more cultural exchanges in the future, with Beijing and Mexico City signing an agreement this week to promote cooperation.

  "Beijing Week" is an extension of Mexico City's annual International Fair of Friendly Cultures, which this year features China as the guest of honor.