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First six-row cotton picker introduced in Xinjiang

  The first high-end intelligent six-row cotton picker, produced by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Xinjiang Co in the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district), officially came off the assembly line on Sept 9.

  The first cotton picker model is a 4MZ-6 self-propelled cotton picker with a net weight of 24 metric tons and six cotton picking heads. The total capacity of the cotton container is 40 cubic meters and its picking rate is over 93 percent.

  Generally, one mu (0.07 hectare) of land can produce 300 to 350 kilograms of cotton, while up to 80 kg of cotton can be picked by hand per day. The six-row cotton picker, meanwhile, can clear about 400 mu of cotton fields and 120,000 kilograms of cotton in just 10 hours, meaning the working efficiency of a cotton picker is equivalent to about 1,200 workers.

  In order to better meet demand for cotton and relieve the burden on cotton farmers in Xinjiang, the six-row cotton picker has been specially equipped with fire alarm detection and automatic fire extinguishing devices, an anti-electric shock system and innovative features such as using exhaust gas to heat the cleaning fluid.

  The six-row cotton picker was developed through market research over the course of two years and features improved engines, work efficiency and operating system.

  Intelligent six-row cotton pickers such as this will drive high-level equipment manufacturing and greatly enhance the agricultural modernization and intelligentization process in Xinjiang.