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Xinjiang's cultural undertakings, industry in constant development: white paper

  BEIJING, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- A white paper released Thursday by the State Council Information Office noted the constant development of cultural undertakings and the cultural industry in Xinjiang.

  The core of cultural development is to satisfy people's cultural and intellectual needs, said the white paper, titled "Cultural Protection and Development in Xinjiang."

  It said the Chinese government has given steady support to Xinjiang in its efforts to improve the quality of public cultural services, promote progress in literary and artistic creation and the press and publishing, strengthen the cultural industry, protect citizens' cultural rights, and enrich the cultural life of all ethnic groups.

  The quality of public cultural services is improving, it said.

  Xinjiang has made efforts to ensure equal access to public cultural services for both urban and rural residents, according to the white paper.

  Literary, artistic creation, press and publishing are booming, said the white paper. A variety of brilliant works of literature and art created in Xinjiang demonstrate the glamour of Chinese culture.

  The white paper also said strength in cultural, sports and ethnic medicine industries is growing.

  Internet culture develops rapidly in Xinjiang, it said, adding that the rapid development of the Internet in China has made it the new space for people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to study, work and live, and a new platform to access public services. Enditem