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The Legislative Act Interfering in China's Internal Affairs Is Evil-Intended and Confuses Right and Wrong

By Monlik Syet,Vice Governor of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

On Dec. 3rd, the US House of Representatives passed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019 regardless of China’s solemn representations and firm opposition. Based on groundless accusations, false and fabricated facts with obvious ideological bias, the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019 applys double standards and wantonly attacks Xinjiang for its human rights condition and its fight against terrorism and extremism.As a native official in Xinjiang, a participant, witness, insider and beneficiary of the stability and development in Xinjiang, I was overwhelmed with indignation upon their interference in China’s internal affairs and violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations.

Xinjiang has long been an inseparable part of China. It is the common aspiration of people of all ethnic groups to safeguard national unity, oppose ethnic division and promote ethnic unity and integration which lies in the fundamental interests of Uyhgur offcials and people in Xinjiang. Since the establishment of New China, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang is experiencing its most auspicious period of development and prosperity. All religions coexist harmoniously and strive for a better future. Since the 18th national congress of the CPC, under the leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC with Xi Jinping as the core, and with the support of the whole country and its people, Xinjiang is enjoying sustained economic development, social progress and a better standard of living. Great changes have taken place in all walks of life. This is an irrefutable fact. Thanks to the concern and special policy support given by the leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC with Xi Jinping as the core , Xinjiang feels warmth of the big family of the motherland and the profound frienship of the whole nation and its people. For some time, led by the US hostile forces, separatists, religious extremists and terrorists from domestic and abroad have instigated hatred, advocate religious extremism and launched terrorist attacks. This has been detrimental to social stability and unity of all ethnic groups and seriously hindered the economic and social development of Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is experiencing severe situation for both stability and development. Under the leadership of CPC of Xinjiang Uyghur Atonomous Region, Xinjiang uses Xi Jingping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as its guides to action. Addressing both the symptoms and root causes, Xinjiang,with social stability and lasting peace as its overarching aim, has taken effective measures to establish vocational education and training centers in accordance with the law, preventing and combating terrorism and religious extremism. Xinjiang hasn’t seen a single terrorist attack over the past three years which has been first set in motion with the implementation of the Party's strategy of governing Xinjiang in the New Era. Now people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have regained stable society and ethnic unity, and they live a happy life. They have a much stroner sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.The rights to life, health and development have been protected.

Under the momentum of social stability, people's livelihood improving, economy steadily developing and all ethnic groups living in unity, the US passed the so-called Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019. Out of the malicious calculations and hidden political agenda, this bill aims at undermining China’s stability and containing China’s growth. No terrorist incidents have occurred in Xinjiang for nearly three years with guaranteed lives and property of people which is the true sense of human rights. Terrorism is not only the common enemy of humanity but also the target of joint action by the international community. The infiltration and spread is a hotbed for violence and terror, constituting a direct threat to human rights. Any country firmly opposes any forms of terrorism, extremism, and is relentless in striking hard, in accordance with the law, at any conduct advocating terrorism and extremism and any action involves organizing, planning and carrying out terrorist activities, or infringing upon citizens’ human rights. Human rights has alays been a tool for hegemonism and power polities of the US. How could they make irresponsible remarks on other countries’ human rights even they can’t guarantee American people’s human rights? The so-called concern for human rights is a typical hypocritical excuse for the US to interference in other countries’ internal affairs. By taking an excuse of Xinjiang affairs repeatedly, the US distorts facts with rumors and slanders that reveals their coercive,high-handed behaviour and the nature of hegemony.

In March this year, the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islam Cooperation adopted a resolution commending China’s efforts in providing care to Muslim citizens . In July, ambassadors over 50 countries to the UN Office at Geneva co-signed a letter to the president of Human Rights Council ad the High Commissioner for Human Rights, applauding China’s respect and protection of human rights in its counterterrorism and deradicalization efforts. These are in sharp contrast with facts distortion and groundless accusations by the US which fully reflect people’s support in China’s efforts.We advise them to take off the mask of “human rights protection”, stop politicizing the human rights issue and applying double standards, and stop interfering in others’ internal affairs on the pretext of human rights.

Xinjiang affairs are related to the integrity of Chinese sovereignty, safety and territory. As for Xinjiang-related issues, Chinese government and Chinese people are in the best position to say how the situation in Xinjiang is, which allow no interference from foreign forces in any form. Faced with the severe threats of terrorism and extremism, the Chinese government has ben actively working to counter terrorism and radicalization based on realities in Xinjiang. “Striking at terrorism and extremism and giving prevention a high priority”, Xinjiang lawfully fights terrorist crimes while addressing the root causes by means of improving people’s livelihood, strengthening legal education, and establishing vocational education and training centers to make utmost efforts to protect people’s basic human rights from being violated by terrorism and extremism, which guarantees people's rights to learn standard spoken and written Chinese, laws and vocational skills. The “three evil forces” -terrorism, extremism, separatism- in China and abroad implant religious extremism in people’s mind making them terrorists. We communists help people get rid of extremism and cultivate them to be good people through education and training. Is there anything wrong?

Being undereducated, the trainees were lack of proficiency in spoken and written Chinese, incapable in acquiring modern knowledge and having difficulties in socializing and communication. In response, the education and training fully protect people's right to learn and use the country's standard language stipulated by Chinese Constitution by creating conditions for the trainees to learn the language. To remedy a lack of understanding of the law, the education and training centers present legal courses, which is taken as the key link to strengthening national, civil and legal awareness. To remedy lack of occupational skills and employment difficulties, vocational skills training programs are provided. The education and training centers regard vocational skills as an important channel to improve the trainees' employbility. Based on local demand and employment opportunities, diverse, practical courses are provided, and eligible trainees who are willing to learn are offered training in more than one skill to ensure they are employable in the jobs market upon completing their study at the centers. As trainees have fallen under the influence and control of religious extremism to a great or lesser extent, th centers integrate deradicalization into the whole process of education and training. Through step-by-step teaching of law and regulations, policies on ethnic and religious affairs, and religious knowledge, and by exposing the damage caused by terrorism and religious extremism. Through education and training, trainees have improved their ability of the spoken and written Chinese, recognized that citizens must abide by the country's laws of regulations and must conduct themselves stipulated by the Constitution and laws, and have roughly mastered employment skills. They realized the evil nature and harm of terrorism and extremism, and broken free from the influence and control of terrorism and religious extremism. Thanks to the effective preventative counter-terrorist measures, Xinjiang's social environment has taken a marked turn for the better. A healthy atmosphere is spreading, while evil influences are declining. Citizens now consciously resist religious extremism, and the trend in society is now to pursue knowledge of modern science and technology and a cultured way of life. The communication and integration of all ethnic groups have been ever closer.

Ensuring sustained social stability in Xinjiang repsents the broadest will of and is the top right of Xinjiang people. The counter-terrorism and deradicalization measures Xinjiang has adopted are law-based and conform to the popular will. The passing of the so-called the Uygur Human Rights Policy Act by the US House of Representative is not about human rights and ethnicity, but confuses right and wrong and completely defies facts. Any attempt to destabilize Xinjiang and to impede China's development will all be in vain. Neither can it write off the historic achievements of Xinjiang's human rights cause, nor it can deny the worthwhile results of Xinjiang's counter-terrorism and deradicalization efforts, and change China's determination to safeguard national security and stability.

Xinjiang is China's Xinjiang. Xinjiang people of all ethnic groups brook no willful interference by foreign forces in Xinjiang's affairs. Xinjiang people of all ethnic groups stand solid rock in defending national sovereignty, security, and development, and remain steadfast in opposing any foreign interference in Xinjiang's own affairs.

As long as under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Secretary Xi Jinping at the core, and unswervingly following implementing the policies and strategies of the CPC Xinjiang Committee, and staying true and following the Party, we firmly believe that, with a clear mind, resolute conviction, and can-do spirit, any attempt of the US to interfere in Xinjiang and China's internal, and to challenge the whole Chinese nation is doomed to fail; any legislative act that goes against international law nd norms governing international relations is nothing but a piece of waste paper, and is destined to be in vain.