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Major hit Chinese TV drama "All is well" hits Kazakh airwaves amid virus outbreak

NUR-SULTAN, March 22 (Xinhua) -- The popular Chinese TV drama "All is well" has captured viewing audiences in Kazakhstan at a time when large population centers remain at home due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The 46-episode family series, starring Yao Chen and Ni Dahong, runs Monday to Friday morning in Kazakh on Astana TV.

Yertay Nussipzhanov, who introduced the drama to Kazakhstan, told Xinhua that the translation and dubbing work took two and a half months.

The drama reveals the problems and contradictions of family life, including common concerns like caring for elderly parents and preference for newborn boys over girls.

"I was impressed by the plots of the drama. In spite of conflicts between father and children, brothers and sisters, everyone realizes that they love each other and choose to compromise in the end. It's a happy ending story," said Nussipzhanov.

"I hope this drama will make more Kazakh audience learn more about the daily lives of the Chinese people. All in all, we as human beings share the same joys and sorrows," he added.

The TV drama landed in Kazakhstan as the country battles the novel coronavirus, which has infected 57 people across the country.

As many are cooped up in their homes due to the lockdown of Nur-Sultan and Almaty, watching the Chinese TV series provides local residents an alternative to ride out the difficult period, said Nussipzhanov.

"China has largely contained the COVID-19 epidemic. Life is almost going back to normal. We hope 'all is well' in Kazakhstan," said Nussipzhanov.

Nussipzhanov's team has introduced seven Chinese TV series and documentaries to Kazakh television over the past five years, including "The family on the go," "The disguiser" and the first season of "A bite of China."

They will also translate, dub and introduce four Chinese works to Kazakhstan in 2020, including documentaries "China's mega projects III," "A bite of China III," and two TV series "Mr right" and "Wonderful life."

Kazakhstan declared a month-long state of emergency from March 15 and has shut down Nur-Sultan and its largest city Almaty. Flights and trains to the two cities with a combined population of 2.8 million have been suspended.